BFPOs delivery at last

If any of you out there have ever tried to buy decent clothes in Germany then i commend you. for the rest of us all that was left is internet shopping only problem is trying to find somewhere that sells decent designer gear like stone island and Armani that delivers to BFPO addresses. Praise the lord for Really good site that will deliver to BFPO's worldwide hurrah i reccomend that you all take a peek!!
if posting to bfg use the post code nw7 1px and include BFPO XX (insert number) in town or street
regards nutty the postie
mission said:
i tried doin that with my Sky card and that was 2 months ago and it still aint turned up!
Mate it does work I used to use it for my sky when in BFG....
I still think its a disgrace that we get knocked back because soooo many companies wont accept a BFPO address.. Mybe some Journo reading should take up the case.. After all what else ya got to do?
F*ck me Nutty thats the first time since i've known you you've actually give me GOOD advice! So how come you were sacked as a postie! LOL
hey anyone can be a driver, and as for being sacked, that is promotion in postal lol
Hi all,

I noticed this thread and I thought I'd reply. I own and thought I'd add my bit.
So far we have just over 300 categorised companies that deliver to BFPO addresses. I saw the one at the beginning of this thread (uk-clobber) and I'll add that to the list in a minute.
Getting deliveries sent over here can be a nightmare and so if you know of any other companies that deliver to here email me them and I'll add them as well

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