Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wg100, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. When someone is sending a letter/parcel to a BFPO address from outside the UK (i.e. the US), what country do they put on the bottom of the address.

    For instance, a BFPO in Germany, would it be addressed to:

    Number, Rank, Name

    or UK?

  2. germany...u put the recipients country that matches the bfpo on the parcel which is where theyre posted to. The only time you put UK on any letters, parcels or blueys is if the soldier you are writing to is actually based in the UK rather than abroad.
  3. Hmmm - I was told otherwise......

    Was told no country was needed, but that if getting, say, a mail order company to send to an OP BFPO number then put UK on bottom to ensure it gets sent to London depot

    Can a postie enlighten us?
  4. Simple if you know how!!
  5. Thanks for the BFPO link, however it does not mention whether you need to put a country on if posting from outside the UK.

    It assumes that people are only posting from within the UK out to a BFPO.
  6. If the soldier in question is based in germany....then you put germany
    if the soldier is based in the Uk ...then you put UK put falklands
    its easy
    if your not sure......just put the BFPO number
    this applies to wherever your sending it from..and wherever your sending it to.
    Its that easy!
  7. I may stand corrected, but as I remember its Via UK from outside the UK all the time:- If you put Germany/Canada/Bosnia etc, German/Canadian/Bosnian POs might not have a clue what BFPO is. This way your mail will come back to (is it still?) Mill Hill then be redirected accordingly by the military posties.

    This has always worked for me previously.
  8. If you have put the relevant bfpo number on and the countries name, then it should go direct, ALL mail goes to the main sorting office at the start anyway.
  9. I used to put England at the bottom of my address when I was posted to Germany. Mainly because I gave a German company my BFPO address and it used to take about two weeks to get to me. Because it went from Germany, to England, back to Germany. So if I was you, I would put UK on the bottom.

    A drunken Lobster

    edit to say - it might not matter if you are posting from another BFPO address abroad, e.g Canada.
  10. When posting from overseas, the correct form of address is BFPO xxx, UK. The letter or parcel will then enter the BFPO system at Mill Hill. Writing any other country on the envelope, as repeatedly, tediously and incorrectly suggested above, will cause the item to be sent first to the country in question, whose postal services will either return as undeliverable, bin it, or redirect it to UK.

    BFPO to BFPO does not require a country.
  11. Dont forget that some BFPO addresses move from country to country on a weekly basis. Putting a country on the bottom of the address only confuses matters.
  12. You do not put any country on a BFPO address. And BTW the postcode for Mill Hill is NW7 1PX and could be helpful on websites that don't accept BFPO numbers.
  13. I always put

    BFPO xxxx
    United Kingdom

    works every time, also sites like amazon actually tell you to do it this way when using BFPO .