Hey guys,for a personal reason i wont tell you the goal of my question but i wanted to know if anyone knows the BFPO of Mauritius?......PLEASE ITS IMPORTANT!!!
What makes you think the Republic of Mauritius has a BFPO number?
Well Jason, if you had taken the trouble to search the web for the BFPO site, you would have seen from the list of static addresses, there isn't a Mauritius BFPO address. If you are looking for a RN address, you will need the name of the vessel.

bugger! beaten to it again.
Perhaps speak to the BFPO enquiry team; they may be able to help with your important-but-too-personal-to-tell-anyone-about-it enquiry.
Dortmund was 20,if that, no need to thank me. 8)
Unless the military have got a new sunshine posting Mauritius hasn't got a BFPO number.
Now I'm sure Diego Garcia might be close by.

Dussedorf was 34 if that helps.

As Chicken said, Diego Garcia is the nearest UK presence to Mauritius.

Methinks the nice young sailor you trapped and who gave you that funny rash was lying about where he was off to next. You live and learn!
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