BFPO Tirade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Longgboy, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Again, I get a suprise from run of the mill companies that refuse to post to BFPO due to security.
    They either refuse to deliver to us or we deliver to them because it goes missing.

    It never used to be so bad ( or so I thought ) but it has got significantly worse over the last 5 years.......

    Not only is kit being smashed and turning up late, but now it's not turning up at all, (even with all the extra packaging we're putting on it) after the years of kit not getting through.

    You ask for a piece of post to get registered or internationaly signed for, and you get a guarantee that it will get there in a cetain time in a certain way. However we all know signatures can be faked, but now they are not even getting to the distant end to get recorded and signed for... "Royal mail cannot insure or track parcels that even though have their tracking numbers until they get them registered in the UK"
    So if you get a ParcelForce tracking number from the BFPO post office, you will not be covered by, or even tracked by the UK company until they physically sign for the package. (even though you sign and pay for the service)? if at all....

    They firmly lay the blame of any missing contracts onto the MOD..... and who follows up their missing card, menial christmas present, £50 birthday present? after 6 weeks international post (UK standard) we have to wait double for BFPO so (12 Weeks ) until we can wait to even start the complaint / missing post complaint.

    This is shocking, and is getting worse, It will probably get no where as normal but lets see where another few letters higher gets us. (BFPO, Soldier, Royal Mail, Sun, MP) etc..

  2. Oh dear! Have the mittens your mum knit for you gone missing.
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  3. I can't fault the postie's, they often sell me brand new DVDs, CDs and Video games at less than what I can buy them from Amazon for.
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  4. I never use Royal Mail. They employ anyone these days and there are no management or supervisory checks on deliveries, so no qc is being done.

    Not all postal workers are bad by any means, but they are badly managed and morale is low. The Royal Mail is a rip off.

    Time was when I would get my mail to read at breakfast. But now it could arrive at any time of day, there is no consistency.

    I reckon that we were losing 20% of our mail before we stopped using Royal Mail. And they don't give a shit.
  5. Ahh, we have a lad that learned to type young.. Yawn :thumright: bore off
  6. If you post durge in the NAAFI underpant, expect no less.
  7. dingerr is just upset about his sock shipment... no, hold on..
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  8. Dear Longgboy

    You are cordially invited to Fuck Right Off, you total bell-end.

    All the best, you moaning bitch.
  9. Wrong move Zero, you'll be getting a rude PM now.

    I hope you've got hankies, it'll make you cry.
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  10. I worked for the royal mail doing deliveries as an agency employee twice a few years ago.

    The first time was in a small town and it was outstanding. They saw themselves as providing a public service and took a huge amount of pride in getting every letter where it was meant to go. There was a real family atmosphere.

    The second time was in the middle of a city. Half the workers were foreign, they were all agency staff and had no uniforms. The management were miserable, the staff hardly spoke and nobody gave a fuck about the letters.
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  11. The OP is a toxic thundercunt
    He's managed to create a thread of such boring mindless drivel that I have actually stooped to the level of 'liking' one of Stackers posts!
    Posties aren't perfect, who gives a flying fuck? Are you pissed off that your Swedish Penis Enlarging Pump hasn't arrived yet? Or is it because you returned it and they haven't given you the money back yet?
    You'll just have to live with the fact that you'll always have a little prick, unfortunately you're also shit out of luck where it comes to personality too

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  12. Longgboy. Everybody likes a moan now and then, but nobody likes a crybaby.

    Nobody likes you either.

    Man up, you child of the hedge and find something else to wibble about. Like eggs at barbecues or some such.
  13. I think we'd better fuck off before we get abused as well. ^^
  14. You can't blame Posties for this as there are only 2 mil bods left at BFPO London, the Brigadier and his Brew Bitch!