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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mongoose, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Looking on RM/BFPO webbys it says this is only available to and from BFPO addresses, is this correct? (sometimes RM don't know their arse from their elbow) :( I want to send someone a camera for christmas and don't fancy just bunging it in the post..

    Anyone done it before from just a post office?
  2. This has already been posted HERE and will, hopefully answer your question:
  3. I'm not talking about Forces Free.

    And the RM/Post Office site appears to contradict itself saying that Special Delivery is only from-to-to-from BPFO and then later on talks about putting stuff in envelopes at post offices

    But thanks for the try anyway.
  4. Apologies - I see what you mean - it is ambiguous - however THIS would seem to suggest that one can post items items from a civilian address in the UK

    I think you are referring to THIS
    This would suggest to me that one can send Forces Special Delivery mail from a UK civilian address to a BFPO address, from a BFPO address to a civilian address or from a BFPO address to a BFPO address

    and HERE
    When I was still serving all registered/recorded delivery items were signed for by the Postal NCO, who would then sign them to addressees.

    ... perchance this is a Wah! ?
  5. It is bloody ambiguous and I can see the fun I'm going to have when I go to the post office and try to explain.. I have enough issues trying to send just a free letter!
  6. I was once sent £100 through the post at christmas to a BFPO address with special delivery next day delivery which cost around a fiver. It was supposed to be signed for but after a few days it never arrived and with no trace. RM blamed Forces post office and vice versa and they took immediate action to trace it. After nearly five months of investigations I got my £100 back but with no interest, or compensation and they didnt pay me for countless phone calls back from Germany or for the original postage I had paid extra for.

    They told me that they are aware that christmas is a busy time for theft within the postal system and the clever ones are good at covering up.
  7. Good & bad experiences:

    Best: Got a families call from a buddy, go to his house sharpish, find a PRR then Royal Mail to him at BFPO Shaibah by name. I decided not to insure it, so no extra stickers and stuff on the package, paid cash at local newsagent/post office. Arrived four-five days later safe and sound.

    Worst: you imagine it, it's happened.

    Now, Fedex is very reliable indeed, from cameras to cannons Just ask for a price, and their courier collects from you.
  8. Do Fedex deliver to operational theatres? :E
    (Perhaps I should have added that bit in the original post!)
  9. I've received all sorts of items, from cameras to laptops, in theatre (Iraq & 'Stan numbered BFPO's). They were all sent by royal mail special delivery at the local post office. Never had a problem!
  10. There is a DHL Office in the COB as far as I know
  11. Can a postie please explain why people in Gutersloh are getting turned away when trying to post a Wii back to the UK?

    Is it customs? Is it cos they are afraid of profiteering? Or is it cos somebody is on the jam week and wants the rest of the world to be as fu.ckin miserable as they are/
  12. I have also used special delivery to BFPO addresses from a UK civil post office without problem. However, it is true that at Xmas the number of short term contract staff goes up and so does the number of thefts.

    The envelope to which the special delivery blurb is referring is plastic with a tamper proof seal. If you take your package in you should be able to buy the correct size of envelope to fit the camera. Check the levels of compensation against the value of the camera, the basic should be enough but it will depend on how swanky the camera is.

    If the envelopes are not big enough you can just wrap as normal and then attach the appropriate sticky labels; these are less secure than the tamperproof envelopes.

    RM will deliver to BFPO by the next day, but thereafter it will depend on the next despatch to Theatre and of course once in Theatre the SH avail to move mail to some of the more distant locations.

    BFPO staff should sign for the item from RM and then at the BFPO when it is put in the Priority Services locker and then only sign the item over to a UPO who has the correct paperwork.

    Clearly it is not foolproof but is pretty secure.
  13. It's not their business what you post back unless it is a prohibited item. I can only assume they're jealous miserable f*cks who wish they'd thought of it before Wii's became as scarce as they currently are.
  14. Woowoo, thanks. I'll give it a try (I was considering just a photo of the camera saying you can have this when you get back).. suppose it is insured if it all goes tits up
  15. Just to add, cost me £6, took just over a week to arrive. The tracking thing didn't work which had me slightly worried..