BFPO rejecting Amazon groceries destined for USA

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by OscarBoscar, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. After a few good months of getting baked beans sent to the USA (no they really don't have them here) via Amazon free postage and BFPO, today my beans, salad cream and walkers crisps (separate packages) were all rejected by BFPO. Does anyone know if this is a new policy or whether they just happened to arrive when someone was having a bad hair day?
  2. My old oppo works at BFPO London and he seems to have no problem getting hold of the above mentioned. ;-)

    Might sound a bit left field but have a word with your FPO staff?
  3. Thanks Postman.. but the problem isn't their movement around UK to Ruislip, it seems to be at BFPO in UK where they have rejected them for onward shipping. I guess it might be due to the USA having rules on food importation but I've never noticed the outside of he parcel giving a clue as to what is inside. I'm trying again with the salad cream and crisps so we'll see what happens this time.
  4. Where are you in the USA? Every Stop n Shop in the Northeast carries Heinzes Baked Beans and other UK & Irish stuff. Hell even my local market carries an aisle of foreign foods
  5. A lot of folk assume that it is dirt cheap to shop and eat in the USA. I suppose it is, if you want to eat crap, but if you want to eat healthily it is bloody expensive.
  6. Heinz - US company, baked beans invented by accident by the founder when his factory burned down, left living in the burned out shell of his factory he was living on beans out of the tin and tinned tomatoes - he accidently put the two together = Baked beans in tomato sauce.

    They aren't what I would call a foreign food exactly.

    You can get heinz beans there, if you are really struggling try an Indian/Pakistani food shop as they carry a lot of stuff from blightly, including most importantly pataks curry sauce.

    Not sure about the desperate need for heinz salad cream either as A - it's vile and B - there are so many other nice dressings and condiments available in the US, I could live on ranch dressing if it were not for the risk of scurvy.

    Also - if you are out there with the yanks I bet there is a federal post office on post giving you access to fedex so you can avoid the BFPO quite easily.

    I call wah.
  7. I may have too, but only because I was amazed you could get any bastard to accept BFPO!!
  8. Amazing, isn't that why you get paid LOA?
  9. You're right Barbs, and I was surprised when I looked this time to actually find most things I was looking for available on I am sure they weren't there before and the prices of the small importers are way too high. If BFPO are clamping down then at least I can keep the kids happy with salad cream after all.
  10. Dunno where you are, but there used to a couple of shops in the DC area that catered to Brits - the attache's office might know. Never used them myself so can't vouch for range/prices.
  11. If you're on a posting to USA stop dripping.

    You could be in Catterick.
  12. At least he could get Baked Beans.
  13. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    They sell Heinz baked beans in the US Army Commissary in Fort Myer, Washington DC, which, if you are assigned to the US military as a British LO or Exchange Officer, you can use. I am pretty sure you can use it if you are part of the BDS-US British Embassy staff as well.

    They sell all sorts of Brit food-stuff including Walkers Crisps, and feckin good pasties at the Brit pasty shop in Vienna, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA, approx 12 miles west of downtown DC.

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