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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Goose, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Just heard a rumour that UK is withdrawing all BFPO support to NATO. Cost savings apparently.
  2. From where mate?
  3. One of the lads at Brunssum says they heard on Friday, been confirmed that all the BFPOs in all NATO locs are to be Closed by Sep 2010.
  4. Find that a bit strange, as we have just taken over 200 hundred new houses in Gutersloh and gave all the landlords 15 year contracts.
  5. You may have noticed that Gutersloh is nothing to do with NATO?
  6. I think he means NATO posts rather than BFG mate. i.e. Brunnsum, Naples etc.

  7. That is correct Steiner, I think it is 12 Post Offices in all.
  8. Has anyone raised this with BAFF - HACKLE??
  9. Just heard something on BFBS 2 reference BFPO. My Boss thinks that he heard that BFPO was to close. Will listen out for further announcements.
  10. BFPO is closing all NATO Post Offices(Total of 12) Not sure how things like Opmail can be sent by families of guys who are deployed. Not able to get certian companies to send or recognise addresses in Naples / Ramstein / Brunssum etc.
  11. Oh well there goes part of the golden triangle :wink:
  12. Well not really, but it will just make those serving in a NATO job a bit more second rate and less cared about. It will also acuse some real J1 complications with host nations and families.
  13. Yep, heard it on BFBS today.

    Will save £1.7 million a year apparently.
  14. But you know it wont save that amount, that is simply some idiot who has bigged up the figures. By the time they have to pay for the measures that have to be puit in place to accomodate those people effected by these cuts the real saving will be far less.