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Find that a bit strange, as we have just taken over 200 hundred new houses in Gutersloh and gave all the landlords 15 year contracts.
Houseman said:
Find that a bit strange, as we have just taken over 200 hundred new houses in Gutersloh and gave all the landlords 15 year contracts.
I think he means NATO posts rather than BFG mate. i.e. Brunnsum, Naples etc.

BFPO is closing all NATO Post Offices(Total of 12) Not sure how things like Opmail can be sent by families of guys who are deployed. Not able to get certian companies to send or recognise addresses in Naples / Ramstein / Brunssum etc.
Well not really, but it will just make those serving in a NATO job a bit more second rate and less cared about. It will also acuse some real J1 complications with host nations and families.
But you know it wont save that amount, that is simply some idiot who has bigged up the figures. By the time they have to pay for the measures that have to be puit in place to accomodate those people effected by these cuts the real saving will be far less.
heidtheba said:
Yep, heard it on BFBS today.

Will save £1.7 million a year apparently.
No doubt whilst providing a "streamlined and efficient" service to all.

What replaces this service?

Do we just use international post? Organisations such as OU and Amazon will not recognise the addresses as UK based anymore and will charge international rates.

In which case LOA will surely have to be raised to compensate?

On the flip side, at least we might get a better service. BFPO has been... shall we say, "fading" a bit over the last few years.
Outstanding said:
Apparently no one informed the UK NATO CoC about this and they are not amused! It is really outrageous and so typically arrogant.
Do you not remember in Soldier Mag when a writer in, asked why BFPO couldn't have "normal" post codes to allow easier use of the t-interweb?

Postman Pat went up the wall!!! And invited the writer to "phone him " for a debreif :D
The trouble with posties (generally!!) is that it is a bit of a dark art, whose inner workings are known only to a few. We do take it for granted too much, but nevertheless it is avital element of ourTerms& Conditions and contributes hugely to the moral component of our fighting power.

Can you imagine the septics, krauts or frogs deciding to close POs like this. It is not a question of numbers either, I am not absoulutely sure but I think that the number of personnel served at SHAPE (for instance) is over 1000.

The truth is thought that some thruster offered the saving and the manadrins took it and have almost certainly committed it already elsewhere (Eurofighter, moving HQ ARRC etc). It is such a load of C0CK.
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