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Discussion in 'RLC' started by needforspeed, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this has been covered but could someone please explain why the postal system to BFG is appalling. For example a small package posted on the 4 Dec 07 arrived on the 7 Jan 08. Yet if you order an item from Amazon whilst serving in Iraq it arrives within three days. Is someone saying that it is quicker to post mail to Iraq than it is to post mail to BFG. Or is this another case of the Services being treated like second class citizens. Or worse still the system is shite and we are employing clowns (civvies) to deliver our mail.

    Fed up waiting for my mail in BFG.
  2. Can I apologise for the above poster.

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  3. Can a man not ask a serious question without being mugged off, are you following me HTB
  4. This was actually a genuine question that i thought someone in this forum would be able to answer, not intended to offend i was curious as to why it took so long that was all.
  5. So am I, package despatched according to the sender on the 14th Dec arrived in Belgium 9 Jan, and am still waiting for a book despatched by Waterstone's on the 7 Dec, whilst school bills manage to make it in only a couple of days using the Belgian postal system that does not have a good reputation.

    So does anyone know of a good reason for the slow service via BFPO?, heard somthing about Mill Hill being relocated (the facility not the place) any posties know anything.
  6. I usually have to put in NW7 1PX (Mill Hill postcode) into internet shopping sites if they don't recognise the BFPO number..... if BFPO has moved (RAF Northolt I believe) does anyone know the new postcode?
  7. RAF Northolt
    West End Road
    London HA4 6NG
  8. To sum it up, BFPO London was stiffed by the Royal Mail initiative of free parcels for Forces on ops. Allow me to explain.

    With such late notice of the scheme's implementation, everybody obviously rushed to the post offices at once to get some parcels sent out to the lads. (I have it on good authority that there were actually more goodwill parcels sent out to the troops than there were actually troops on the ground.) The sorting office, which is a few thousand square feet of space, was so full of mail trolleys it was nigh impossible to walk.

    The sheer mass of incoming mail unfortunately coincided with a drawn out and highly complicated move to Northolt, which had been earmarked for August originally but was hit by delays and staff shortages, meaning the move fell closer to Christmas than had been hoped.

    Having said all this, even if Royal Mail had left the previous free parcel scheme in place, there would still have been mail delays, albeit not as bad as it was.

    From what I saw it was an extremely difficult place to work at the time, there was mail all over the shot and it seemed impossible to see which mail had been there the longest. This would explain why some parcels arrive quicker than others.

    Needforspeed, if you want serious answers, try asking serious questions, preferably without using terms such as 'shite system', 'second class citizens' and 'clowns'. As for your mail, it'll get there when it gets there.
  9. Apologies but you have to admitt that it can be annoying. Particularly when you order from next for example the goods never arrive and are then shown as a credit on your next bill as having been returned, when they never even reached the recipient. If i have offended anyone with my comments (shite/clowns for example) then i apologise i just feel like we are treated like second class citizens. Yes i know we all have a job to do with little or no resources and are just expected to get on with it, but where do we draw the line, mail is very important especially over the festive period for both those on ops and those left behind.
  10. Thank you , if it was because of parcels for troops on ops I can wait a bit for my books, and will just have to catch up with the OU work, tis a small price for me to pay.
  11. Yes it is a small price to pay, i do appreciate that the troops in Iraq and Afghan should take priority but if we are short staffed should we not employ more.

    I did hear that the contract for transporting the mail to BFG was given to the Polish, whose lorries keep breaking down in Europe. If that is the case should we not rethink the contract.
  12. Not sure about that one.

    Another possible reason for late mail will be the sheer amount of orders that Next, Amazon, etc have had in the Christmas build up. It may have been a couple of weeks before your order even left the warehouse, but we can only speculate.
  13. It's not Mill Hill who are the problem (in my experience) it's the bods who collect it at this end. Stacking all the post up, taking the top layers, chucking more on top, taking the top layers (ad infinitum) leaving 2 month old post at the bottom of the pile languishing in a puddle of water. It can't be that hard to engage a modicum of common sense. Or can it?
  14. Sorry but it happens all the time not just during busy periods like Xmas. The annoying thing is that once it is returned you can never get it again as they have sold out. I do not suppose that i will get an answer so thank you for your advice and the explanation about Mill Hill moving.

    If the sorters are not rotating the mail then someone i am afraid needs to get a grip of them. Or alternatively they could sort all the mail, then when the new lot comes in the cages are empty. Just a thought.

    Again thank you and apologies if i offended with my earlier comments.
  15. [/quote]If the sorters are not rotating the mail then someone i am afraid needs to get a grip of them. Or alternatively they could sort all the mail, then when the new lot comes in the cages are empty. Just a thought.

    Again thank you and apologies if i offended with my earlier comments.[/quote]

    You'd think so wouldn't you?!