BFPO post for mobilised personnel

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by EX_STAB, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. I am aware of the scheme for free postage for packets to Op Herrick BFPO addresses.

    Does this scheme operate for mobilised TA personnel in other locations?

    I expect to be in Germany for a while before deployment.
  2. Speaking to the Post office recently reference sending my son packages are far as Im led to believed its only to the sandy places. Parcels under 2KG of weight go free, e-blueys go free but all other mail you pay for. Obviously if Im wrong there will be some postie guru out there but just treat all BFPO addresses as UK as it goes through Mill Hill.
  3. The cost of postage to a BFPO address will be standard uk prices (except for the free concessions to Operational theatres). As BFG is non-operational you would have to pay for the package to reach BFPO at RAF Northolt who then deliver it by freight to BFG.

    Details of the operational package are available here: Welcome to the Official British Forces Post Office Website
  4. PS They are no longer at Mill Hill.
  5. Nods I knew a postie guru would correct me :) check your PM JD
  6. Note that 2 KG is the maximum weight of private post to operational BFPOs regardless of paid for or not. See BFPO site for detail:

    Welcome to the Official British Forces Post Office Website
  7. Thanks for all the details. Cheers. :)