BFPO Numbers Op Herrick 11


I want to set up an e-bluey account so my wife and kids can keep in contact. Only thing is the list of BFPO No's I have at work does not have the FOB I will be deploying to.

Now I know I should enquire further through the proper means, but was just chancing that someone on here might be able to 'pm' me the number so I can square it away tonight.


Does anyone know the BFPO No for Babaji in sunny Helmand.

Many thanks.

Yep seen that on the BFPO site but Im a tight jock and like to keep my pockets deep.

Thanks anyway.

All FOBs go through Bastion.
Not totally true for e-blueys.

A lot of the FOB's now have an e-bluey fax machine allowing direct corespondance with the end user.

I may be unlucky and be off to a FOB that does not have this service (Yet!). In this case Muffin you will most certainly have hit the nail on the head and will have to wait out on any e-blueys along with anyother mail.


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