BFPO number recognition

Not sure if this thread has already been on but I think its an important issue. There are still a depressingly large no of companies not delivery to BFPO. :frustrated: There are some good points in this thread originally from the Intelligence Cell.
Whether you believe e-petitions have any long lasting effect or not they need your support and it only takes a minute to sign.

P.S. a good work around was offered up on this thread, to use the Mill Hill postcode itself.. :numberone:

"One way to get round the problem is to enter your BFPO address like this...

Pte T Atkins
A Coy
1 Blankshires
Whatever Barracks
BFPO 123
Mill Hill
NW7 1PX (which is the physical postcode of BFPO in Mill Hill....)

Which usually solves the problem - although not always. I've normally got this to work on internet sites and with the more stupid companies out there."

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