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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Valks, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Out of idle curiosity .... and not because I'm virtually stalking the postman or anything sad and neurotic like that .... how long does it usually take these days for snail mail to reach germany?
  2. no idea, but love the avatar
    is it a Moomintroll one :?
  3. It's Little Mi from the Moomins.

    Apparently we have a lot in common.
  4. don't know about that, but I liked reading Tove Janssen when I was young
  5. It takes a couple of days longer than you would expect for a similar item of mail - if you were on the mainland.

    I happen to know that a lorry laden with mail was stuck in Calais on Friday, but that the backlog has now been cleared. 30 PC Sqn have been working overtime on this one!
  6. Thank you Sammy.

    It's been three weeks, 4 letters and 1 small parcel... I take it I've been 'dumped'?

    Qué será, será.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that.

    I'm free though - unfortunately married with kids, but I will give the Service Test a run for its money if you're game.
  8. It was only to be expected .... he is a bloke after all.

    Convent life has been looking so attractive of late .....
  9. Is that because you have bad habits?

    I'll get my coat......
  10. forget your coat, the lynch mob move fast.
  11. Hey, I like the cut o' your jib, young fella me lad, young rapscallion.
    (Hell, anyone who can raise a smile at the arrse end of another day battling the UN gets my vote!)
  12. It takes fookin years for stuff to reach NI let alone germany :x
  13. riskshaw - I hope you weren't referring to me as 'young fella me lad'.

    gooseman - are you saying I should give him until New Year to get in touch then? I know I'm a camel but ..... new year and not even on a promise?
  14. depends on how long you're willing to wait, me, i'd give it a week and then sack it - put yourself back on the market.

    nice avatar by the way.
  15. As Philip Larkin said "They fair queue up,your moomin dead" :D