BFPO mail service - good or bad?

Has anyone else noticed an increase in lost mail/parcels sent to BFPO addresses in the last twelve months or so?

There seems to be more and more people complaining about lost mail these days (current experience with lost items sent from UK civil addresses to BFPO Germany), with any complaints answered with "must be Royal Mail before it got into the BFPO system" etc.

Not a snipe, but have any problems been identified recently? What complaints procedure for lost non-registered items is there?
The BFPO mail system has a loss rate of less than 1 item per 10,000.

The Royal Mail loses 14 million items per year.

I wonder where the flaw in the system is?? :D
Fair enough.

Like I said though, this was not a dig, but I have never had problems with my mail (in UK or BFPO) until recently. I would say that 'more often than not', if I'm sent a small parcel (Amazon packages etc.) it won't arrive. I've never experienced these problems before and was just wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences and/or answers.
Get postal insurance, proof of posting, special delivery etc. It's your only protection.

I think you can claim up to about £25 for uninsured items, plus your posting costs if you have a proof of posting slip. Otherwise it's tough luck if you didn't pay extra.

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