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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by imac55, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi
    Quick enquiry unlike the post service.
    Can anyone shed light on why mail going to Fally BFPO38 takes so long to arrive.
    Son serving with 4 Scots and I sent mail to him 3 wks ago, still not recieved it, seems odd to me but been advised this is normal- why?.
    PS dont bother with jokes bout jocks stealing it. Ive heard them all before.
  2. Not a clue. I am in Hohne(BFPO 30) only 15 miles away and i get mine within the week. The only problem i knew of was the post strikes a few months a go.
  3. I'm in Fally and some stuff seems to take forever but on the other hand some stuff arrives really quick, swings and roundabouts I guess.
  4. Cheers mate. A week sounds reasonable, I suspect its either gone missing or some lazy cnut cant be arsed to do his job and sort it out. My lad having just been posted to the unit approached his seniors for advise and was 'politely' told to fcuk off and bother someone else. Great welcome and good moral booster for a young soldier just out of training.
  5. Good, it should teach him to ask either the post NCO or speak to the BFPO enquiry team or go to whatever is the nearest post office rather than bother SNCO/Officers with bone trivia.
  6. You are a complete throbber. A honest question asked and you come up with this shit.
  7. Good answer!! Had he known or been advised to do this Im sure he would have followed your sterling advice. But unlike your good self who is obviously the font of all knowledge and a living legend in your own mind, he is new to both the system and the unit, so he dared to speak to a senior for some advice. Now obviously you would never have had that type of problem since seniors probably all came to you for advice on everything from post to missile systems.
  8. It wasnt an answer to an honest question was it you complete throbber? He seems to be under the impression that the seniors and/or officers are in the army to help little Johnny find his post.
  9. If you had a personal question, any ssm/csm worth his weight in gold will help you out as a brand new nig.
  10. Is he thick as mince? What do civvies do when they dont get their post? Ask their boss? Is he so stupid he didnt think that perhaps his seniors are not there to be asked bone questions? Should seniors set aside certain hours of the day do look after the personal admin of their Toms?
    Are you a bit upset your son was treated like an adult rather than a lost little boy?
  11. Yes can't move for SSMs/CSMs falling over themselves to help a tom because his parcel hasnt arrived.
  12. You really are a cnut, he doesn't think that nor does he expect to be nursed, all he wants is advice to get it sorted. Im guessing you're a blanket stacker just following on from your mundain life of been an unhelpful fcuk wit.
  13. Well you guess wrong dont you, if he doesnt want to get nursed is he embarrassed his parents are bumping their gums on an army forum because the nasty seniors told him to **** off?
  14. It's their ******* job to make sure the lads are being looked after - That's what a chain of command is for! If you are at work in civvie street and your mail is not getting through you have a word with your boss, that way he or she can assess the amount of people who are getting late mail or losing mail. (What if there is a problem with the post bunk? How will anyone else be able to sort the problem if you are reporting the problems to the person possibly causing the problem?)

    Stacker - you sound like a bit of a throbber, I hope I never have to rely on someone like you.
  15. Not in the slightest upset. He is more than capable of looking after himself and you given half a chance to meet you. Advice is usually free and freely given. mine to you is go fcuk yoursel.