BFPO: Government looking to stop it!!!!!!



Your support would be most appreciated as I know it is such a moral booster to receive mail (except "Dear John's") when serving away from home. Although the message does not make it clear, that this is for Europe, the problems are that staff moving around and BFPO will track locations to ensure delivery.

Dear All

Please help to save the BFPO System

Please click on and sign the above petition. Though we all understand that defence cuts are to be made, this is an area which affects the families in particular. The BFPO system is the mechanism whereby post is received by our serving soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families abroad at a postal address recognised as being part of this country, no matter where in the world they are serving, even in war zones.

Amongst other things the loss of the BFPO service will disenfranchise them if they are postal voters; some credit card providers will not send cards abroad (M&S for example) whereas they will to a BFPO address; it may affect their ability to let their house whilst posted abroad, or away from home; it may take away their tax advantages such as being able to have an ISA whilst posted abroad. It will affect Open University students who have a BFPO address as they will be charged higher fees; it will potentially effect children of serving soldiers when they go to University, as they may not be eligible for student loans/fees to be paid, and will be charged higher fees as they live abroad. They will also be charged different rates for subscriptions etc as they will now have to come via local mail, and not the UK mail.

Thanks for supporting our servicemen and women together with their families in this way.


Cheers guys... keep it coming and pass the word round copy and paste it...send it via e-mail to all you know! please. Lets see if we can beat these cnuts!!


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signed and emailed around
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