BFPO from the USA?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Evening all. Im asking this here as it seems the the most logical place with people knowing of posting items to Afghan.

    Im getting sent to the US with work for a few months next year but want to send some stuff to a friend who is deploying around the same time. Does anybody know how i would address letters and parcels so they reach the BFPO network and thus onwards to Afghan? Thanks in advance.
  2. From around the world its a simple case of posting to the UK first

    For example

    12345678 Pte Atkins
    1 sqn
    2 regt
    BFPO 522

    So it goes from America to the UK and onward to Afghanistan
  3. ..and you'll have to pay intl postage (unless you have authorised access to bfpo in the US; eg, FPOs in Washington and Virginia (bfpo 2 and 63 respectively)).
  4. Ahhh excellent thats the info i was after. I wasnt sure if simply adding UK to the end would be recognised with an unusual address. International postage wont be much of a problem as its just going to be postcards and small items while over there.

    Thanks very much and merry Christmas.