BFPO for OP Telic 11


I've just received a parcel request from a young lad in Iraq. He's given me the address minus the BFPO number.

Can anyone let me have the BFPO please so that I can send it out today.


I for one thank you for your well founded and generous intentions.

See for advice on forces mail. You will note that the website does not list op BFPO numbers. This is for good reason including the following advice relating to the service being for immediate families and friends only as additional mail detracts from the capacity to deliver 'real' mail in a responsive manner:

Can charity food parcels be sent to the troops serving on Op Telic & Op Herrick?

No, please be advised that an item of mail up to the maximum weight of 2kgs can be sent to named personnel only. Due to the surge of mail during the freepost period to these operational areas BFPO does not wish to delay personal mail to loved ones by accepting mail to unnamed personnel.

Thanks again.
Can anyone tell me when the free BFPO parcel service to Iraq and Afghanistan ends? According to the bfpo website it was due to finish on the 7th December but my local Post Office have told me that anything under 2kg is still free.

Pse can anyone confirm the truth???



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