BFPO Christmas Post

Anybody heard the joke that BFPO having moved from Mill Hill to Ruislip in late October sacked their former staff (for reasons for discussion) got new ones . Too few, inexperienced, causing a backlog.
Result! Quite a lot of chaps (and chapesses) will be short of their frilly knickers and Mars Bars this Christmas.

Some of the bosses agree that there is problem but say that it was aggravated by machines breaking down.

The machine maintenance men/ engineers/ fixing chappies say that that is quite right but doubt they there would have been any trouble............had the machines not been sabotaged....and apparently continue to be so.
Some of the parcels I ordered from Amazon in Nov now will not make it for Xmas due to late arriving to BFPO Germany. Now got to spend more to have something under the tree for Xmas Day.
I'm hearing all sorts of bollox on this, airline problems, other transportation problems.

Frankly it's a disgrace, the feckers know its the busiest time of year, but can't seem to gear up for it.

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