BFPO addresses

Find out if there are any SPAMS in the immediate vicinity who may need "vinegar" for their French Cheese-Eating-Surrender-Monkey Fries, and ask them if they would be so kind as to pass it along. I understand that they can receive parcels just fine.
Many thanks Woopert.

Where the fcuk can I find out if there are any sceptics anywhere near? Come on, cough up, somebody must know.

After all, if they don't get their vinegar, they won't eat their chips, then who'll be sorry, eh?


You can send parcels 2kg or under if you have a persons name, rank, unit, and BFPO number.
ORG who are you trying to kid.

You don't buy a round even when you are around never mind trying to convince you will stump a drink for the chaps 4000 miles away ;D

Your so stingy that you learnt the cat meat meal saving idea from the fireman and employed it in your household

Drink, dodging round shirking backslider


War Hero
org, are you winding us up....its the old shampoo bottle trick....and put shampoo on the customs declaration!

and put shampoo on the customs declaration!
And if you fill it with Bolly, you aren't exactly lying on the customs dec are you?
Bollies sole use in the Donut household is to top up the radiator on my motor. ;D

Agree with you there Mighty.  Tastes like 'off' lemonade (as does all champers).

In GWI, I managed to send through half a dozen top quality German porn mags, wrapped inside local newspapers.  My mate, Scouse Jones (if any of you GW1 veterans remember him) was extremely pleased with them !!

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