Discussion in 'RLC' started by Gas Gas Gas, Apr 17, 2002.

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  1. I have put this question here because I assume it is a Loggie thing.

    Who was the inspired individual who came up with the terms BFOTs & MFOTs?  

    (In case there are some who are unfamiliar with the term, they are large air conditioned tent/marquees used in Oman last year.  Big F**k Off Tent and Medium F**k Off Tent.)
  2. Probably the same guy that renamed the "FBH" (F*cking Big Hammer) the "Gentle Persuader".
  3. Pretty sure it was some chap in 6 Sup regt. It was this first time I'd heard it and they looked after the BFOTs. The other one was a white MFOT. And it was Motherf***ing F*** Off Tent.

    Well it was funny at the time.
  4. Ah..... Exercise Swift Sword II. What a bundle of laughs that was (not).

    I was there man........... (Vietnam voice). Who remembers the Drinking Den (Working Mens club) over the hill from the Port?
  5. Whilst this is an incredibly old post, and post necromancy is bad m'kay? I know the answer.

    The terms were coined on the recce to Oman for Saif Sareea II in 2001 by the 102 Log Bde led recce team. In procuring "tentage" the term marquee was thought to be a bit ghey and unmilitary. In the Log recce report that went to PJHQ prior to start ex, the terms BFOT, MFOT and SFOT were used. Obviously, the PJHQ wallahs had no idea what the terms were, and they meant Big eff off Tent, Medium eff off tent and Small eff off tent. These terms were deemd far more military than "marquee".

    Interestingly (perhaps not?) PJHQ found this ammusing and kept the terms in the recce report. Urban myth has it that the red tabbers too found it faintly humourous and thus a new acronym was born.