BFG'ing the Car - insurance & lights


We've just moved to Germany from UK & we are really struggling to find continental lights & reasonable insurance for our car, we're running out of time as we need to sort the car within the time limits.
We have a 2003 Mazda RX8 & we need the xenon headlights (they are extortionate from Mazda).

Doea anyone know of anywhere we can look for insurance quotes & headlights? We have exhausted a pretty long list but i'm hoping someone may mention a company we don't know of. We're getting to the point where it may seem more sensible to take this car back to the UK to sell & just buy a second hand car out here?!

Naafi? towergate wlsons?

Or ask at the BFG office they know a few german ones.

you've got a bizzare car... you may have to lump it. or try rogers headlights pascel there may sort you out.

If not, dig in to that wallet.

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