BFGing my car! Help!!

:evil: anyone help with a small matter regarding bfging my car? have just had car keys held as i havnt got the correct headlights, however this is no fault of my own! I know the same old excuse, however i have lights ready to be picked up at the weekend from the uk, basically i need to know will i be covered to go and pick them up? am gettiing no help this end, just need some advice???
Not sure anyone can hold your keys because you cannot get your car through a BFG test 8O

Be interested to see the legal justification on someone, in effect, impounding your car unless it was by an RMP/GCP for a traffic offence :?
It is standard practise in my unit.

RLB, you are probably right that there is no legal justification but when you see young guys get hammered by the RMP and then their OC for breaking standing orders, you really are doing them a favour.

This is case of experience (ie the QM/MTO) verses inexperience (ie the young lad, straight from training, new car, no sense of urgency).
Actually, now I think about it, we had a young lad only a fortnight ago who was stopped by the RMP and charged with breaking SOBAGs.

Bet he wishes the MTO had his car keys now!
Withholding your keys may be a legal sticking point but, as the other posters say, it is obviously being done for your own protection :roll:

Simple question, have you thought of having them posted? And yes I do know that will cost more money, but so will the complete set of winter tyres you will very soon have to buy :?
When I had some unpleasantness with the BFGVLO, I found RAF Legal Services at JHQ very helpful with Standing Orders and their interpretation. ALS will be able to advise in the same way.

Whoever has taken your keys has almost certainly exceeded their authority - as one Germany unit found when they introduced a policy of taking keys if the Gd Comd thought someone might have been drinking - it's not for them to decide. Ask for the reference in SOBAGS where it says that confiscation of keys is the punishment (without being charged), for failing to BFG your car.

One of the problems with the BFGVLO system is that it has been made more and more complex over the last few years, and various bits of the rules keep changing. Many unit BFG staff don't understand the rules in depth, and the BFGVLO are often as unhelpful with them as they are on their 'helpline'.
ViroBono said:
Whoever has taken your keys has almost certainly exceeded their authority
Yup, they probably have. But I'd prefer to lose my keys to the MTO for a couple of days while I get my admin in order than lose a couple of hundred nicker to the CO for disobeying SOBAGs.

There's no point being a wet fish and fighting for your "human rights" or whatever. Just pay the insurance, get your lights sorted or your number plates changed.

Can you imagine! "Hello, Mr Lawyer. I need you assistance because I can't keep my sh!t in the same sock and one of my bosses is helping keep me out of real trouble until I can be bothered to comply with SOBAGs".

this probly will not help sorry i was over there in 2000 got car to base in hamal not a problem the problm was when it got bfg ed tested thats when i got problems trying ask for headlight from a box head german ( box head cos they do your head in you'll see in time) think u got problems now wait till u leave germany and re reg car uk side thats hard work
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