Discussion in 'Aviation' started by opswalla, Jul 2, 2003.

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  1. ??? ??? ???
    Hi guys and girls got a query and would like some feed back if at all possible.

    Do you need continental headlights on a new car for its bfg or can you use filters or spacers.
    And is there anyone in gut that has a pair of conti's for a new peugeot 206 that they are willing to lend so i can put the car through its bfg.

    Cheers in advance. 8) 8)
  2. If your car is new, it does not require a BFG, however it does require a lighting check to be carried out within one month of registration.  To pass this lighting check youmust have continental headlights fitted.

    Put an advert in the Sixth Sense for some as there is usually someone out there who wil help
  3. Where did you buy the may already have the continental ones fitted? I suggest asking the Seller...
  4. cheers guys.
    Sorry for being a bit thick, So i take it you just go to the  BFG office, they then do a light check and issue you a tax disk and bfg plates... Oh yeh and i take it that you have to take a valid insurance certificate for the tax.
    Yeh i bought the car new in germany but like a knob never bought conti lights.. :-X
  5. Word of warning, do not BORROW lights just to get your car through the BFG. If you are caught, you could lose that promotion. You've shouted about the car you drive and where you are, so I'd pipe down a bit if I were you.

    Friendly word of warning, that's all.
  6. Its alright nothing dodgy about it, car is going to uk for a couple of months and i dont want to fork out on conti lights until i get back,or if there is a second hand set.
    Thanks for the word of warning though. ;D
  7. Oh yes mate.  A good piece of friendly advice for sure. If you wear a light blue hat and even hint at being dodgy towards BFG they will disappear up your rear end with a very long torch looking to nab you.our name aint the best with the guys at BFG! :eek:
  8. Hmm...I wonder why that is?   ;D
  9. Oi, big nose. Since when did you join the Army ?! :-/
  10. has anyone any idea where i can get a set of continental headlights for a t reg landrover freelander?
  11. As said previously Advertise in sixth sense. Sometimes BFG inspectors can get hold of them or I used to get some from the scrap yard when i was in Traz.

    On another note my lad will be going to Middle Wallop soon after he finishes AFC in August (Ground crewman). Just wondering where the best postings are and if there are any in Germany for first postings. If problems with not wanting to give out info on the site I can Pm you with my Mil tel number if you can advise cheers
  12. A word to the wise:

    Have a careful look in your car handbook as a lot of new cars that are fitted with the circular looking halogen lights have a switch inside the headlamp that enables you to change from UK to Continental.
  13. jus come from 1 div nd bfg r banning those headlights where u can switch between uk nd continental. must have german road lights to pass bfg test which has to be carried out within 30 days of initial registration. pain in the arse or wot. got some continental seat ibiza headlights if anyone wants them.
  14. How can they ban them? My car has them as standard, they are the only lights produced and if you buy the car in Germany they are switched for continental and if in UK they are switched in reverse. That sounds like a load of horlicks to me!
  15. New German legislation (from about March next year IICR) states that the headlight has to have a positive angled beam to the right.

    Switch over headlights have a flat beam and do not match the new legislation, so unfortunately it is not horlicks.

    Certainly the last car I collected from the UK came complete with the English headlights boxed and in the boot. Previously the dealer had just flicked the switch.