BFG your car - Why?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by MAD_FERRET, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Just pondering all the threads on here reference BFGing your car, and reading between the lines, if you bring a car in from the UK that YOU own, YOU insure and YOU have paid tax on it, why does it need to be BFG'd?!!

    It seems to be an excuse to make a soldiers life as difficult as possible -

    BFG offices dont seem to helpful nor speedy so:

    1. I cant drive drive it after 30 days - WHY? Its insured (including for Europe) It belongs to me. I own it. Ive had continental headlights fitted. I will drive it, thank you.

    2. It has to have a BFG plate. WHY? Security? It's still a british plate.

    3. Perks? Fuel coupons. Big deal.

    4. Cons? More than it seems to be worth!!

    I can see the attraction of buying a tax free car, but one that l own, and have owned for 7 years, whats the issue?
  2. BFG'g your car isn't such a big deal, it's the rules live with it. Oh and free car tax and the fuel coupons are a decent perk, not many of them left is there.
  3. Because otherwise, you would have to register it on the German system and it would have to meet TüV standard test requirements not MoT. You would also have to use a German insurance company, not a UK one. Everytime you were posted inside BAOR, or even from one district to another, you would have to re-register your car at your own cost, including new number plates.

    Not too sure, but it may also have an impact on using a UK driving license, as these are usually only valid for short stays of upto 3 months.
  4. Fair enough!
  5. Because you'll get your botty smacked if you don't by the RO1 that "owns" the system.

    And what was said above.

    Yes, the system is fcuking antiquated, full of garbage rules and quite frankly absurd. But it is the only one we've got and they haven't the wit or gumption to change it.

    Oh, and then you have the input of C&I to contend with.
  6. Crikey

    BAOR - BFG, German insurance is actually cheaper than its UK counterpart, driving licences now are EU friendly so I can drive for as long as I want in the continent.

    You are also forgetting that we pay no road tax either, fuel is subsidised as are car parts etc. All we have to do is swop the headlights, make sure its roadworthy and hey ho, no road tax cheap fuel and relatively cheap insurance.

    If you would prefer to take your car back to the UK to swop its headlights MOT it road tax it then drive back on tax paid fuel - crack on fella
  7. Erm, no you can't. I believe it is only so whilst the BFG agreement is in place. I had to pay for my UK license to be re-issued by the German authorities and they held onto my UK one. They are only 'EU friendly' for holidays, visits and to generally travel around. After 3 months (or is it 6, memory fade), you are legally required to get it changed. If you don't, then you are also driving without insurance. An ex-squaddie mate of mine, fell foul of this when he moved over here, cost him several hundred DM at the time.

    As for the German insurance, I was on about German insurance for German registered cars; not BFG.
  8. well i married a german lady who had her own car on the german system, had a TUV and german insurance and was obviously legally road worthy in accordance with german law, would the camp issue her a car pass? no of course not cos all vehicles have to be BFG'd. Fair enough we thought and since we didnt really need the car to go on camp we just left well enough alone. Then one day I get a snot-agram telling me that if my german wife with her german license, driving her german car in germany then I will be charged. Go figure. so we got the car BFG'd.

    Also I believe the BFG system is to insure that british cars are long term road worthy for use in a country where remember there is no speed limit as apposed to just 70mph and that the headlights are switched to shine the other way which is fair enough.
  9. Be interested to see what the charge would have been. As the car belonged to your wife - a German national, living in her own country, I would be surprised that they could do anything. I know things will have changed a bit since I was in, but I clearly remember couples in the same situation and not being hassled. I would also like to hear, what they would have to say about her driving a BFG'd car (long term) on a German license and how it would affect your UK insurance.
  10. 'cause SOBA(G) says you will, 'nuff said. :D
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I dont think this is true. I have used my UK license while living in Europe for more than 15 years. Including for court cases, insurance claims, hiring HGV etc. An EU license is valid anywhere in the EU. I have 3 properties in 3 different EU countries (UK,FR,DE) - should I have 3 licenses?
  12. BFG personnel are not allowed to register their vehicles on the German net. Those who fail to register with BFGVLO within the time limit risk prosecution by the German authorities or their own unit should they be caught, which is admittedly unlikely, but a few soldiers have insisted on finding out the hard way what the consequences are.
  13. Either you misunderstood what I said, or I am not being clear. I meant if you are registered in an EU country - in this case Germany - then you must by law, hold a license issued by that country. It is valid for all other EU countries for the purpose of travel, holiday but not for permenent use in that country.

    OK, just done some digging. Found out I have been mis-informed by the German State :evil: It appears that they changed the law and didn't bother telling anyone in the Verkehrsamt in Dortmund :roll:

    I want my money back!
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I am registered in France and Germany and I am on the electoral role in UK. I have an ID card for both FR and DE, a firearms license in both, a UK passport, and can vote in all 3 countries. But I still just have a UK driving license, so you have indeed been fed BS by ill-informed beamter's.
    In my experience you have to know the law and your rights better than German civil servants or you get fobbed off.
  15. Yep, I know what you mean. :evil: However, I must admit, it did work out in my favour. Upon re-issue, I got another 5 years on my HGV1 (C+E) before I have to have a medical. :D