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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by atmycommand, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Im thinking of getting a BM but everyone keeps mentioning how bad they are in the snow! i know its law in germany to stick a set of snow shoes on, so how are they with the correct tyres?

  2. BMWs are not bad in snow. BMW drivers in the UK are bad with snow!

    Germany is full of BMWs being driven all year round in far worse weather than we get here.

    All you need is a spare set of wheels with winter tyres on. (Used to be that people used steel rims for their winter tyres as they were cheaper but these days it may be just as cheap to get a spare set of aftermarket alloys).

    If heading to Bavaria mid winter, you may still need a set of snow chains for really extreme conditions but that applies whatever you drive.
  3. BMWs are fine in the snow. It's only bad, if you're a shit driver.
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  4. Subsequent to my last post, you should note that, in common with "summer" tyres, you get what you pay for and for a performance car you should really invest in a quality brand of winter tyre. I have not done any review searches but logic suggests that the German tyre manufacturers (Conti for example) should be a good bet.
  5. excellent, confirmed my suspisions but wanted first hand accounts from those who had experience with the right equiptment.

    im not worried about spending out on an expensive set as they are likely to last a very long time given the short periods of snow we have here!
  6. However, unless you are set on BMW, you might consider a 4WD audi!
  7. ive been looking at 335i, 135i and the slightly sensable choice of a a4 quattro S-line

    want a comfortable car with abit of poke. not worried about fuel prices
  8. Dont know about those BMs but the S line has a reputation for a fairly harsh ride. Fun and sticks like poo on a blanket but not great for long distance comfort. Logically, I suspect the 3 series may be the most comfortable of your options with the audi having the best handling but you will want to test drive I am sure. Any of them should be perfectly adequate in the "bit of poke" category!

    What a delightful dilemna to be faced with!
  9. I owned a 3 series for a few years. Excellent car, loved it. Comfort, and speed combined in a car that drove exceptionally well.

    Driven a 1 series, and although fun, and good to drive, I prefer the 3 series.
  10. BMW 3 series are rear wheel drive which doesn't help in icy conditions. BMW are far superior to Audi. Mine is anyway.
  11. Rear Wheel Drive cars are shit on snow, not even the best snow tires can fix that, that goes for the Benz, BMW, Lexus, Porsche you name it. Weight distribution: If the boot is full and 2 adults in the back, your traction will be sufficient on cleared roads on a mild uphill grade (I assume continencal European conditions e.g. Germany here). However, even on Contis 830 series the phyiscal limits apply. Having said that, good, self tighenting chains are on in under a minute nowadays, so no drama really (make sure you do dry runs, the first time you will need to do it will be dark and -20). Winter tires are a must, more narrow the better (opposite of summer tires)!

    I have been driving regulary in Switzerland, France and Austria during winters for the last 20 years or so, if you want a car that performs well in snow, get a 4WD, it does not matter which one. Does BMW not do the 3series in AWD in the UK?
  12. just incase theres any confusion im based in england! i put the bfg reference in as i knew any bm drivers over there will have driven with snow tyres rather than an internet mad man making out hes nigel mansell and driven in all sorts!

    i will just be throwing the snow tyres on when/ if we get snow again like the last couple years! the missus has a wee 1.2 clio that sails through the white stuff so that can be called uppoin if the bm is terrible i suppose
  13. Zen


    You are still talking about BM's? Misread the Clio and white stuff then.^_~
  14. Not least for the fact that BMW are doing some mega balloon deals at the moment. X5 M Sport 4.0 was going for £750 deposit and £450 pm a few weeks ago.
  15. Thats only because you drive it wearing the correct coluor headress......