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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by school_for_scoundrels, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone had any recent experience about getting through this ?

    A recent experience, is that it seems to have become a bit like going on a selection board. The Veterans Initiative Tin says one thing, but when you get in to it, they seem to be starting to come up with all kinds of hurdles like minimum criteria & fit. It seems the basic, a days paid service which is what the info implied is not enough, assuming you pass vetting.

    First they come along with this bright idea & invite all who served, now it seems they want to start picking & choosing those who fit criteria. Certificates of Conduct gradings of good & above, completion of basic training etc.

    They are now saying that a TA applicant by implication, does not / cannot meet the criteria & is ineligible after an application has been in for 16 weeks. Is this Veterans Initiative for serious or is it just another bright politically correct idea somebody had that officialdom would rather do without & would prefer to just quietly let drop? I notice they seem to be dragging their heels on it in the UK.
  2. Linky?
  3. I see from their blurb they have now replaced the image of the medals from the bunch of yanks ones and replaced them with a set of Canadian ones. Why is it they cannot get something so simple right?

    Who can tell them, they are a British site so should show a group of British medals?
  4. Is there much of a point of going on the camps? Most squaddies go off the camps to use facilities.

    Can't blame them for upping the critieria, not all ex-soldiers are good people.
  5. Had`nt thought about it like that. I suppose they might need to start employing detectives in the Naafi stores to stop people nicking stuff. There`s no uniform criteria fit for thieves.

    But I suppose those who might do it were already nicking stuff when they were still in anyway, so it should`nt really make any difference. Why should any Veteran have to change the bad habits of a lifetime`s service just to get a VIAP ? :police:
  6. Fair enough really.
  7. Why do you want to go back on the camps anyway? The are not like the yanks with every possible facility possible. You wont be able to use any of the messes, you won't be allowed to use the PRI shop, you won't be allowed to use the medical or dental facilities, you will only be allow to use the NAAFI to purchase immediate comsumables.
    I suppose you could use the cook house and pay the non-subsidised rates, you might be allowed to use the cinema if its open, but most German cinemas (near camps) have English screenings for the same price and a better selection of films. You might be able to use the gym but only if there are no lessons going on. Not sure if you will be able to use the BFPO system.

    So whats the atttraction?
  8. So crusty old fuckers can sit in the NAAFI bar on a Friday, and try and crack onto the women, whilst telling them 'interesting' stories about how much better things were in their day (SLR, etc etc.).
  9. I don't even think they can do that, because the alcohol is tax free. Not to many women in infantry units bars either.
  10. No great attraction really, but working out in the sticks in the middle of nowhere, guess where the nearest place to get anything to eat & drink at all is without jumping in the car & driving miles ?

    You guessed it, a British army camp in the middle of nowhere.
  11. You would think so, but Mum`s a war widow & might move to germany & should get a VIAP too. Dad just started national service in the late fifties & got discharged with serious incapacity & permanent disability from which he subsequently died. He was not in long when it happened so no idea if he completed basic training & for all I know, at the time, he might have been the worst behaved recruit they ever. It was more than 50 years ago.

    As far as I was led to believe it was one day`s service so I was a bit taken aback when they starting coming back with all the terms & conditions.What has completion of basic training & a conduct rating of good or above got to do with any of that I ask you.
  12. Ok I call a wind up. I suppose your mother is just going to pop onto the camp to use the cookhouse as well.
  13. Well no Stacker1.

    Everybody gets old. When they might eventually go to live with their family even in a foreign country. If they don`t speak german & are away from all they were used to at home, they might appreciate being able to go shop in the Naafi, which they say has already been agreed in principle. Seemed like a good idea if she moved, but now seems way too much trouble.

    Having spoken to veterans I know in germany I was surprised, many are staying well clear of `the veterans initiative`, seems they knew it would be more trouble than it was worth & had had enough of being fcuked about when they were in without going back for more.
  14. Really? Ive just told you the only thing she will be able to buy in the NAAFI is food for immediate comsumption so best get the German lessons in sharpish.