BFG > UK import problem...a BIG one!!

I've been a complete and utter lazy idiot and never actually got around to registering my car that i bought in Osnabruck when i left the Army and returned to the UK. :oops:

The car's been in a private lockup and not been used since around early 2006 as ive got another car, but for one reason or another ive never registered it.

Ive still got the bfg 73 and the bfg plates are still on it but ive since found out that i should've got a CoC (certificate of conformity) when i bought the car but as its an MG i now cant get hold of one.

I left Germany in an unusual way as my mum died so i was put on the Y-list as i had signed off anyway and so just drove home in the car. I was never given a 414a or any kind of paperwork as i was officially transferred to a regiment in the uk and so never returned to Germany. The DVLA arent exactly being helpful either as i keep getting told different things everytime i call them.

Im probably going to get in the s**t with the dvla but i just want rid of the car now but i obviously need to register it before i can sell it.

Does anyone have any tips on what i should do? ANY help will be greatly appreciated!!

You wouldn't have recieved a 414 or any other paperwork unless you'd applied for it by using a 414a. Your first course of action would be to approach the BFG helpline in Germany and ask there advice, Not got the number off the top of my head but if you pm me I'll get you the number when I go into work tomorrow morning.
Hi, the number you are looking for is BFGVLO (Main) help line 0049 2161472 4100. You won't be able to obtain any up to date paperwork, however, they can explain what you need to do.

As you have left the service using a 414 vat form is not going to effect you. But don't take my word give them a call.
What you will need is a De-registration cert. To get this ask them to send you a BFG form 4003 for your completion and return of plates and docs.

When you phone you need to give them the following:

1. service No
2.BFG reg

Effectively you will have to contact VOSA and arrange a SVA test. This is inlue of the COC. That said, you may want to try and speak to you garrage that you bought the car from for the COC.

Good luck. let me know what they say.
I had a similar problem - though not as extreme. I didn't de-register my car until the alloted period that the BFG certificate gives was almost expired. The paperwork takes an age and the internet and helplines both said I needed a CoC. However, when I spoke to BFG office they were really helpful and pointed out that as the car was a UK car taken to Germany to BFG and not a German car being imported, it wouldn't need CoC.

speak to BFg - they should be able to help, although there may be problems because of the length of time it hasn't been registered. If it hasn't been on the road though there may be some implications with tax (as in SORN etc)?

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