BFG Troops : Pound drops further against Euro

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dontdreamit, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. 1.07 Euros to the £££££

    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    But the the deutsch still charge top whack for everything!!!!
  2. My Euros in the German Bank just have gone from being worth £15200 to £18500!! Rock on!
  3. Thats because their standard of living is higher as is their tax rate :bow:
  4. I get 80% of my wage into my GERMAN bank. Time for 100% I think.

    Now if the damn idiots would just realise they need to stop charging 900 euros for a 32 inch TV I would be sorted!
  5. get a projector LOL

    I have gone for a LLoyds offshore account in euros and dollars, is working pretty well at the minute
  6. Lloyds offshore? Will look into that...

    *Rubs fingers together Monty Burns style*

    Ex-sell-ent..... :twisted:
  7. You can get a nice LG 32" in Curry for £349

    Not sure about delivery though... :D
  8. Now that BFG are getting more Euro for their pound is the Officer, who whinged in Soldier Mag that LOA did not cover the high value of the pound, going to offer to give up a big chunk of his LOA.

    I guess no. Swings and roundabouts fella.
  9. I left the Army at the end of last year and work for the Army here in BFG as Mrs Fox is still in, my pay is a set rate in euros and is unaffected by the exchange rate, so at the minute I am quids in! My army pension goes into my UK account.

    I got a LG 32" TV from Media Markt for 600 euros, minus 114 euros tax, even with the tax off electrical goods arent cheaper over here.
  10. How do you work that out?? We are getting less!! £1000 a month at the old FFR 1.6 is worth more money that £1000 at 1.31 and soon to be even lower!

    But anyway he actually he will be -

    LOA is about to drop drastically.... :x
  11. Nonsense - Amazon do tax free BFG and are offering an LG 32" FOR £349 (minus tax = silly prices!) :D

    The Germans pay through the nose for electrical items!