BFG to end in 2020

Funny that nobody has commented about BFG ending in 2020,the North German news is full of it with lots of ex-pats with local business´s wheinging about loss of income etc.
Once those soldiers leave there will be one of a hell of a vacuum as quite a few of the barracks can´t be demolished or radically changed as they´re under preservation orders,local expats living off the Brit communities could see any private proprty they´ve bought plunge in value as jobs disapear and russian or other immigrants start forming ghetto´s.
No need for real panic but the writing´s on the wall for part time earners who want to boost their earnings as the value of the Pound drops,pension cuts coming in could really mess up anybody´s plans for a worry free retirement in the Fatherland.
I´ll look for a link!
Maybe no one has commented because there has been plenty of speculation and posts elsewhere on Arrse on this subject. The announcement has merely confirmed what has long been suspected. The vast majority of Servicemen currently in BFG will not be affected as they will be either posted back to UK long before endex or maybe even out of the mob.

As for Russian ghettos, I doubt it, the Russian "invasion" petered out some time ago. However some properties in the vicinity of barracks could suffer from a plunge in value when nobody wants to live in them anymore.
Aside from nostalgia for when I was much younger and stationed at HQ 1(BR) Corps in Bielefeld, it is very difficult now to make a case for maintaining any armed forces in Germany. The Red Menace is long gone in military terms, and the Occupying Power status ended long before even I got there!

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