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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by once_a_maverick, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. I was about to approach a certain dealer in Germany to enquire about what deals they can offer me on a new Seat Leon (I know but I like them). Having looked at the sixth sense and discovered what looks like a good company with their head ofice in Sennelager I did a quick google to see if they had a web site.

    At this point a letter from the FSA to the said company dated Oct 2005 appeared on my search.

    Basically this letter withdraws permission to trade from the said company due to some irregularities in application (undeclared convictions).

    Does anybody out there have experince with this company (GTF) and can I trust them?
  2. Not knowing which "certain" company you are talking about I am fairly certain that I am uncertain as to what said company is like and whether I would certainly recommend the said company.

    Hope that helps :wtf:
  3. GTF

    Griffin Tax Free
  4. AHA! Now I understand!
    They were under the microscope a few years back for offering a guaranteed money back offer, which they were unable to uphold.
    However they are still trading now and selling motors. What are you concerned about exactly? Are you buying the car to keep or to change in a year with them again?
    Have you actually popped into their office yet? Pop in see what sort of vibe you get.
    If you are just after a simple tax free purchase then you cant go far wrong with any of the dealers.
  5. Do yourself a f*cking big favour mucker and avoid ALL of the ex pat car sharks in BFG. Phone around a few dealers (e-mail as well) in the UK. They all do tax free car sales. It's a bugger for them but they want to shift cars. Anyway, do your deal on line, play them off each other, and when you get the price your happy to pay, come back on leave and buy your car.

    Do not FFS deal with any of the ex pats. There's not a decent one amongst them.

    Ignore any advice to do otherwise.
  6. Well...There you go!

    don't buy any motor off any Tax free dealer over here.

    Instead go on-line and play UK dealers off each other!

    Now ARRSE is full of drivel at the best of times, but this takes the biscuit! (excuse the pun)

    I take it AB you've had a bad experience in the past, of one or more of the Tax Free dealers over here? But still I fail to see how you can come up with such an uneducated statement as "don't deal with any of them"
    Like I said if all you want to do is buy a Tax Free car then you cant go far wrong with any of them. It's only when you start entering these so called guaranteed cash back schemes that things "can" but not always go wrong.

    Maverick I don't know what AB is expecting to happen if you buy a car from one of the dealers over here, but I'll tell you for definite as I pick mine up in September.

    1. You go in choose your car and get a price.

    2. (Is optional) pop into other dealerships in the area (there are 5 multi dealers in Sennelager)

    3. Pay for the car.

    4. Collect the car.

    If I've missed some glaring issue here I'm sure AB will put me to rights.
    Or..He wont bother as he knows you wont read this as he informed you to ignore any other advice, which is always a good sign....or B?!
  7. Farmer,

    I have to say that when I read AB's post I forgot it about 3 nanoseconds later. Initially I was after a little information on whether the company I mentioned was a good one. The reason I asked was that I am in a further south area of BFG than any of their showrooms and didn't want to waste my time visiting them if they were cowboys.

    I like you, have seen hundreds of people buy tax free cars from expat dealers over here without any problems, in fact most of them are representatives of the very UK dealers that AB is talking about.

    I'm actually looking to buy a car to take back with me when I leave and drive for about the next ten years, which is about how long it will be before I can aford another one in the current UK climate. Not interested in all that buyback rubbish or in making any quick bucks.

    From the vibes that I have had from asking people here I am pretty sure that I know which dealer I am going to use, the only other one which seemed to offer as good a deeal was the one mentioned before. Thats why I asked about their track record.

    One thing for sure though. I wont be using Naafi Car Sales. Shame really because they are probably really good. It's just that I cant bear the thought of using a car dealer that is associated with the worlds biggest rip off company EMC Tax Free Car Sales.
  8. Don't bite your nose off despite your face though maverick!

    They may be affiliated with the worlds largest rip off merchants, but they also have the largest volume of cars in and out so have the buying power to offer you a cracking deal.
    I was looking at the new Mondeo a while back and the NAFFI sales beat everyone by nearly £750!
    I'll uphold my principles any day. Unless of course I can save that much money, then I'll quite happily "turncoat" :D
  9. Shame that you feel that way. I hope that you get the deal after.
  10. Uneducated? What in God's name do you mean 'uneducated'? Was that a word which you felt may sound a bit clever if you slipped it in?

    As far as free lance tax free car salesmen are concerned, I've more than enough of an 'education' with them to suggest that the bloke who started the thread may do himself a favour by looking elsewhere. You'll find that there are certain levels of consumer protection which you are not entitled to when things go wrong with this type of salesman, which if you care to litsten to people, you'll find frequently do. I'm glad that you have not yet experienced any such trouble. For my part, no I have not either but I have dealt with quite a few who have, but that'll just be a pack of lies as far as you are concerned.

    To the bloke who started the thread, I hope that you get the deal whcih you are after mate. Do yourself a favour however. Just try out my suggestion. What's a few e mails going to cost you in time and money? You'll also find that you will have greater legal protection as well. But I'll leave that to the Farmer to dispute, as he's more 'educated' in these matters than I.

    All the best.
  11. Ok you have my attention and I await your education......

    And....well there we go, you know some people that have, friend of a friend maybe?!

    So what extra protection does Joe public in the UK gain above us mere BFG types?

    What things going wrong, are you referring to?

    What type of Salesman are you referring to?

    Oh.... From your first post I thought that we were only supposed to listen to your views

    Just to recap:
    Well at first I meant, you were giving carte blanch information on a subject that you were not fully aware of. However, I now see that it also applies to your sentence structure and an inability to use a spell checker or even a dictionary!

  12. Perhaps you may wish to reconsider your last?

    You were a bit too quick there to dismiss the lad's concerns over the matter involving Griffin. Vested interest there? Might explain a few things.
  13. I'd pay particular attention to the first part of the highlighted sentence. As for the blatant sales pitch in the second part, well, I think that speaks volumes.

    And if I were you Dog Egg, I'd at least learn how to spell NAAFI before having a go at other people's spelling errors.

    There's nothing funnier than a nugget trying to be clever and mate, you're a f*cking nugget.

  14. Grammar ? :rofl:

  15. You mean 'Carte Blanche'? :rofl:

    I would suggest that you may have more luck trying to be clever in 'English', but we've already proven otherwise.

    Now, this dictionary you mentioned?

    When did you say your car was arriving? :party: