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Discussion in 'Officers' started by LtTrousersnake, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. A cricket ball?

  2. Fatima Whitbread's Vag*na?

  1. I am off to BFG in 2008! It has been over a decade since I served out there!

    What are the allowances for tax free cars for couples and which dealers are to be avoided?

    I remember the NATO cars booklet! Was that a pile of cr*p?

  2. Dont go to NAAFI or Grant + Green. Finance options for them both are scandalous. Infact, source the veh when you have posting order in the UK. From a UK dealer.
  3. Thanks, just found out that Landrover do a 13% Military discount and also specialise i tax free sales.

    If anyone is interested just google landrover military sales.
  4. 1 car every 12 months, per entitled person is the rule, so 1 each for you and mrs snake.

    As for dealers to avoid, all of them! Seriously, shop around, they pretend they have the market, but it's your money and they want it so drive the hard bargain.

    Park Lane are probably the best though.
  5. Thanks Mighty Blighty.

    So if Mrs Snake and I buy and sell a car each every 12 months, we are within the rules?
  6. no longer the case - one per household!

    one or two persons were making an income out of buying tax free for two and selling them on

    you'll get the gospel when you arrive in BFG

    shop around, mitsubishi remain popular, the NAAFI trap all the chavs with sporty clits corsas and fiestas

    vauxhall last year offered a 25% discount - even factory spec models

    Sixth Sense - weekly newspaper is still on the go, plenty adverts - or order it now and pick it up at the port as you depart for the fatherland is another option!

    alas - NATO cars are no more!
  7. I bought a car from Grant and Green in Sennelager who assured me that it would just as resale-able as one bought from the UK. However, as it didn't come with a pink log book, no one in the UK was interested.

    Car List Price: £24000
    Cost to me: £17,000
    Sold after 12 months for: £14,000

    What car loses £10000 in a year? One bought from a Germany-based garage.

    The previous year. Identical car. Bought from a UK dealer. With pink log book.

    Car List Price: £24000
    Cost to me: £17,000
    Sold after 12 months for: £18,000

    Oh how I wept.
  8. Oh and look out.....I sold our BMW after 363 days, on returning from the sand pit... anyway got took to the cleaners by customs and excise for 3K because i sold it 2 days early as SOBAGs said you had to keep it a year and they wouldnt issue a certificate (HMRC rules said we had to keep it 6 months only but this was an MOD rule and as they wouldnt issue the right chit we were screwed, this was after a 6 month deployment and I wasnt thinking straight so f***d up . Did UKSC(G) give a F**k? No.... I was a criminal in their eyes.

    It was the final straw....
  9. A few years back Fiat and Lancia (Lancia no longer have dealers in the UK as far as I'm aware) did a good deal. Tax free and a further NATO discount brought the total discount to around 40%. As previosly explained, a few were cashing in when bringing them back to the UK. I heard the UK Fiat second hand market suffered as much as dealers couldn't shift the additional cars (mainly 2 seater sports coupes) and the bubble burst.

    Does anyone know if Fiat, Lancia are still offering the NATO discount?

    BTW, I can't think but I'm sure there was a third Italian car manufacturer offering he deal too. Not Ferrari!
  10. Bought a volvo 440 in 1995 for £14000. Drove it for nine years and traded it in for a new VW golf. Value at trade in £100! Who says volvos don't hold their value. All the electrics had failed apart from the headlights and one indicator! I had to listen to a personal stereo via headphones as the radio/tape player died at year 5!

    I shagged, slept and ate in that car, it was like a friend to me. I left it unlocked on the street in London for 2 weeks whilst on holiday and no f*cker nicked it! Beats any tracker device!

    The turning point for me and the car came when a neighbours wife on the patch called the fire brigade because the fuel line had ruptured and was leaking petrol all over the driveway we shared. She thought the car was going to explode and take her and the kids with it. Stupid b*tch!
  11. Because you can only sell after 12 months or face an 18 month ban the deals are not as good as in days gone by. However there are still bargains out there, you just have to look harder.
    I have done the Volvo thing for years now and have always been happy with them. I don't make any money, but i get to drive a new car every year with hardly any money changing hands, which is what most people in the UK with the money try and do. If you have the cash a Volvo XC 90 is the car to have as UK dealers will bite your hand off to buy it when time is up and you should make a few quid to boot.
    Shop around and make the dealers work for a living. I managed to play 2 dealers against each other for a £2000 discount. Always worth having a go.
  12. Bollox to buying over there mate. Nothing but a bunch of ex squaddies leeching off the Garrisons. Avoid the lot of them. They'll all take you to the cleaners.

    Shop around over here. Most dealers will do tax free sales and quite a few are selling cars at discount prices, so you get the tax off the discounted price. All those thieves in Germany will give you is the tax off...and a pack of lies for free. They are absolute tw*ts. All of them.

    We found the car we were after (in 2004), which was being heavily discounted and we phoned up and down the land until I got the rock bottom tax free discounted price. We saved £10k on the car. It's 3 years old now and worth about the £2k less than we paid for it.

    If you are up north (Yorkshire way) avoid any ginger ex RMP Cpl cum car dealer that you meet. The man is a c*nt.
  13. Q: Can you buy second hand from a private seller over here and still claim the discount? Would this involve giving the seller less money or claiming the difference back off from la government?

    P.S - Would I be a c*nt if I wanted to buy a 2003 BMW m3?
  14. Not a cnut, just a touch unwise as the new M3 is almost upon us which means the market is flooded with old models. Unless you get it for rock bottom price (less than £16000) don't touch it. Great laugh driving an M3 but insurance high, thieves will steal it or pinch things off it and it no longer turns heads. Buy a 986 boxster S with full service history and you'll get more fun and it is a better penis extension! I had one and the ladies loved it! (A boxster, not a penis extension! Although I am sure the latter is appreciated by the ladies with larger love tunnels?)
  15. I agree with Biscuits. All the BFG dealers are tw*ts, who'll offer you the tax off list price. UK dealers will now generally off you a much better discount, and give a better trade-in, and you know the car will be properly specced.

    In answer to Brocky, you can sometimes uy secondhand here and claim tax back, but only if VAT is charged on the sale. This is usually only done for commercial vehicles, so great if you want to buy a 4x4 - or a van! However, some leasing companies will sell ex-contract cars at a '+VAT' price. It's worth asking the dealer.