BFG Tax Free Cars...Deals?

Ok, i left BFG 5 years ago when the BFG car racket was still going strong.

Since then we've had the gobal recession, €/£ collapse and various Green initiatives to discourage us from owning a nice big shiney new car.

the question is this, i am posted to Herford in May, are there any deals still to be had in BFG. Clearly the days of making a few grand on a new X5 are gone, but is it possible to get one-for-one swaps, guaranteed buy backs or just break even?


MPV's or small cars seem to sell well,

My mate lost 5K on his BMW 520d, but strangely he is making on a Discovery.

Prestigious cars, fully loaded still make the money, but I prefer the 2nd hand car market - far simpler and no silly bans
Just google: tax free cars BFG, you still have all the major plauyers, forces cars direct, naafi, griffin car sales & EMC

Guaranteed buy backs still exist but only a few guaranteeing what you paid for the car.

I think it's quite rare to make money over the list price, but for certain models it's achievable
This might be a bit late for the original Post, but if you haven't bought a car as yet or you are about to change your car, avoid Griffin Tax Free. Details available on request.
Sorry to add a bit more CPR to a dead thread, but can anyone comment on Forces Cars Direct?

I have a NATO colleague who is thinking of buying from them and has asked me if I know anything about their reputation...
Yep, from what I've heard I wouldn't touch Forces Cars Direct with a bargepole

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