bfg tax free car dealers and selling the car after a year

I´m sorry if this topic already exists and i was just to stupid to find it.
But hope i still get some usefull replys.

well, we´ve been thinking about bying a new car from a tax free dealer over in germany.
If we do so, we want to sell the car after a year, as we got told by people who do this every year that they basicly drove the car one year for free because they sold it for the same price as they bought it.
to me this sounds a bit unbelievable. but i had a look on internet for a car on autotrader which was one year old and compared the price to the brandnew one.and it was near enough the same.
but i still don´t feel really confident with this.because tryin to sell a car for that price doen´t mean that you actually gonna find someone who buys it, especially not these days.

i also rode here that it´s even cheaper to get a tax free car directly from the uk.but i think then you´ll have the problem that you´ve to go over every time there´s something wrong with the car.
í´m really concerned about it know and i hope you can help me.
Thanks alot.
Mrs.M, based on some personal experience and some hearsay I think you might find that the bubble has burst on this one. Several years ago car makers Fiat, Lancia (no longer sold in the UK) and Alfa offered NATO discount to those serving in Germany to the tune of 42% (people correct me if my figures are wrong). Many were doing what you intend, selling back in the UK and making a huge profit. Since the spouse was also entitled to a tax free car a family could take advantage of this offer twice a year, more if they had 18 year old kin living with them who was also eligble to buy tax free.

Nowadays the second hand car market is weak for sellers (good for buyers) and I think you should be vary careful about separating yourself from any hard earned cash in hope of making profit from selling on tax free cars.

Choose a car you wish to buy and sell on, get quotes for tax free purchase price, UK purchase price (and shop around for new car discount, don't take car magazine figures as the final purchase figure, it's no good if a dealer is selling a brand new UK car for nearly the same price as your year old car). Lastly look at what the car you intend selling is fetching second hand, afterall, you will be selling a second hand car. UK dealers are fully aware of the tax free import deal and will undercut you if they can afford to. Also, don't accept a hand shake promise from a UK dealer who guarantees to buy your tax free import after a year, he may be well meaning at the time but in a year a lot could change, he could be struggling and will not be obliged to buy your car.
The bubble has burst - people were kicking the arrse out of BFG and clubbing together to buy transporters full of Mercs and BMs to flog at a huge profit - that is why the new BFG rules say you have to keep it for a year and if you don't you get a BFG ban.

As also stated, the second hand price may not be what you think - my tax free car is not fetching what the book says it should at a year old.

You can buy a tax free car from anywhere - uk dealers can do it, but using one of the agents in Germany (Cars Direct etc) usually gives you a good deal. They often offer a buy back deal too.
As a guide I bought a Volvo V50 2.0D in Mar 06 with a 27.5% discount from Volvo UK, from memory it cost me £17500, 1 year later I sold it, on posting back from BFG, with 14,000 on the clock for £13500 and it took me nearly 6 months to sell it - I'm not sure if you might get a better deal if you part Ex.

Therefore to concur with the others by all means buy a car and take advantage of the deals on offer in the UK and BFG but do not expect to anything more than a very good deal on a new car.
Do what I do.... Buy a new car every year or so on the BFG. Then you always have a new car and don't have to worry about MOT/BFG etc. Not to mention in keeping with the various new rules and regs. I always buy a car I would keep though.

Bought a new car many moons ago, kept it when I moved back to UK, and then sold it to a family friend. It has only just been sold after 15 years driving, and has only ever required consumables and a new starter motor.

There are still possibilities for selling cars on and not taking a loss, but with the current economic meltdown this might not be feasible.

Anyway, I thought you were about to receive a ban for not deregistering your car properly prior to selling to a German?

PS is English your first language? I only ask because you have used the word "rode" to describe "reading" or "read".
Speak to calibra 4 x 4 using the link at the top of the page.

He will tell you what you need to know, and will give you a decent price.

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