BFG tax free car advice

Can anyone give me some advice.

I have a tax free car which is being stored in my garage in the uk (instead of being on a drill square in BFG)while I'm away till Aug, no one else is driving the car.

I'm I liable for VAT from HM Customs for the car being stored in the uk ?

Also how would they know it's there?
Yes you will be, as the vehicle only comes with a 30 days excise licence, they will catch you when your car goes on the ferry as every car is checked through the DVLA & Insurers bureau database.

If it is a new means of transport, its a paperwork exercise to get the vehicle docs the only issue would be if your local office requires the car to have a lighting check before handing them over, unless your car comes with xenons fitted.

However if you write to BFGVLO or ring them on Mil 94872 4100 and explain the situation that you are on course in the UK with the car and had no time to BFG it after writing a letter to the OC BFGVLO, Ron Girvin I think he will make a decision on a fuel ban and BFG ban. I think the max he can give is 5 years - but hey pull out is 2014 or there abouts.

The tax however, I would make comms with your local C&I rep and explain the situation, he/she might be lenient and authorise a letter and inform UK C&I that you are travelling
I'm on Ex till Aug then course I don't plan to take the vehicle back. I'll get my 414 when I return in Sep before posting back to the UK.

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