BFG Tax Bill

I have seen a couple of subjects similar to this but not one the same, I wander if there is anyone in the same boat as us or anyone that may be able to point us in the right direction???????? Anything would be appreciated.

My husband and I both had Tax Free cars whilst serving in Germany. We left rather quickly for compassionate reasons and returned to the UK. Despite leaving quickly we submitted the BFG414 for each vehicle which was rejected. It turned out that they should not have been rejected and this was an oversight by CIA (G).

Anyway, CIA (G) were very helpful at the time and informed us that the quickest and easiest way to de register our cars was to use a UK 414 and that they would provide a letter advising us to do so, which they did and both cars were subsequently UK registered. We were advised about the 5 year ban and accepted it as we just wanted our cars back on the road.

Several months later my husband received a letter telling us that as we had used the UK414 we had to pay the tax on the car and that we should sign BFG F38 so that a bill could be raised by the German Authorities.

Needless to say the form has not been signed and it has been an ongoing battle since. Nearly one and half years after leaving Germany I received a letter stating that I also had to pay the tax on my car for the same reason.. . . . . . . . Another ongoing battle!!!!

We have both sought advice through our units, my husbands unit continues to stand by him however mine has now washed their hands of me and the problem. We have been to numerous organisations and all support us however unable to provide productive advice. I am in contact with a German Tax Expert who are privy to the NATO SOFA, they are confused too.

CIA (G) have told us so many things, the German Authorities will obtain the money from the MOD who will subsequently take it from us. The money will be obtained via a CCJ, this was fine as at least we get to put our account accross and recently that the case will go to a European Court, we will not only pay the tax but a lot more money on top of it. The first thing that we will know about it is when the baylifts knock on our door!!! Whats that all about?????

I could just sign the BFG F38, pay the tax (if I had the money) and it would go away but all we did was follow the advice of the person in the know, if you know what I mean?

I cannot begin to explain the stress that this is causing, we would like to speak to someone whose advice we can trust.

We would so appreciate any advice , support and hearing from anyone else in the same position. It is about time a stop was put to this happening
Yep, done that. At first they tried to deny that they had sent the letter and then told us that it meant nothing anyway. Even knowing that we only used the UK414 as advised they are still pushing for us to pay the tax on both vehicles.
I had a similar problem relating to the interpretation of the rules in BFG and a leap year. To cut a long story short HMC&E werent too bothered as I had been in BFG for 5 years,but I had sold my car a year well 364 days later. HMC&G were happy that i had owned car for over 6 months so as long as BFG issues the form it wasnt an issue

BFG would not issue a form someone had counted the days and i was a day short despite my unit BFG office confirming her would be no problem. No one would help or see reason and I ended up with a tax bill.

In hind sight I should have taken the MOD to the small claims court for the sum as it was there self imposed rule and not a customs regulation I had broken and on their expert advice.

So as long as you dont mind standing up for yourself a solicitor could solve the problem for a few squid

Get a brief onto it.

I have had dealings with BFG C&I and they seem to think that they are doing everyone a favour, when in fact they are doing THEIR JOB.

My issue involved a wrong number in a chassis number, and the late return of the form meant that I lost out on a ferry trip, which cost me time and money that I shouldn't have to have budgeted for. They initially stated that it was my fault because of my poor writing, until I pointed out that I would have to have the writing skills of Steven Hawking for them to confuse a 1 and an 8.

They eventually issued another form and insisted that they post it to me, despite the fact that I worked less than 300m away and my wife next door. When I practically begged for them to pass the letter through the door, they eventually agreed.

I stood there as the fella passed the letter and asked me if I was wanting something else. "An apology might be a start" led to the tw@t shutting the door in my face.

As I said, get a brief, and nail their arrogant heads to the wall.

Cnuts, they are.
Only advice is to get an expert involved. Once the the tax bastards get a whiff of the chance of getting some money out of you they will only stop if a judge tells them to.

Go to a tax lawyer and explain. Even if their fees are more than the tax man wants it is still worth it.

Hope you manage to f uk them off.