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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JonnyAlpha, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Ok so I bought a car Tax Free last time I was in Germany in 2002 and took it back to UK and registered in 2004. I have just been posted back to Germany and am in the process of getting BFG'd well what a balls ache. First of all C&I rejected the import licence as the could not understand why I was BFG ing a car in 2012 that was registered in 2004. Anyway after writing to them and sending a copy of my V5 they have now complied. I have re-insured it at a cost of £300 Third Party Fire and Theft and it has passed a BFG. Already had my old continental head lights. Anyway the lass in the BFG office now says that because the car is less than 10 years old (aparrently manufactured Dec 2002) I need to get a TUV Nord. Apparently this will cost me another €110 WTF and why!!!!! What's a TUV Nord and why do I need it?
  2. I believe it maybe your emissions sticker. I think a lot of cities now require these in the city centre etc.
    And if it this sticker it shouldn't be that much. Don't know how much but only about 20 euros or so.

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  3. tuv nord on wiki in english

    A TUV is the German equivalent of an MOT, There have been some changes to the Bfg system but i don't know why you would need a TUV if your car has already passed the Bfg unless you have a left hooker.
  4. the amount of man hours that are wasted on an outdated BFG system is shocking, you would think we would go to computers get rid of most of the civies and actually save the MOD money.
  5. I bought an MG Metro back in Hohne under the old BFG plates, tax free scheme. Lent it to my missus as i was off to NI for a tour and she had it confiscated at the border on the way back into UK. I was then asked to pay parking at Harwich.
    Pain in the Rectum
  6. BFG doesn't understand people may actually keep cars for a period of time longer than a year. It brings their sh1t system to a standstill.
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  7. No,no,no you're doing it all wrong Johnny Alpha.

    What you should have done is sold your present car as soon as you found out about your posting to BFG. You then use the trooper to get there and while there you buy a brand new tax-free car (what's that; you've got a mortgage,kids,CSA,etc,etc??? It doesnt matter, this is the SYSTEM). On notification that you are posted back to UK or elsewhere you then sell your car and use military transport to get to your new location.

    This is how it should be done and it is repeated in Sixth Sense at least 8 times a year by the out of touch buffoons in JHQ.
  8. When I were a lad we had BFG plates.

    That is all, carry on.