BFG rules when posted back to UK

Any entitled person can buy a tax free car and a tax free motorcycle at the same time but if you are posted back to Uk before these vehicles are over 12 months old you will be liable for a tax bill on one of the vehicles.
Here speaks the voice of experience!!
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As I understood it, as long as you bought the vehicle before you got a posting order back to UK, you didn't have to pay the tax as long as you kept the vehicle for 12 months before selling/PXing it.

Or has it changed again?

If you're right then this loss could be worth claiming for if you are posted early/unexpectedly.
You can take ONE vehicle back. If you have two tax free vehicles i.e. car and bike then you're screwed for a tax bill if you're posted before they are 12 months old. They don't tell you this when you buy said car and bike. But it is clearly displayed in BFG Standing orders para 1117.

Clearly my ARSE


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Well, if it's on Standing Orders - which are available for ALL to read, then all I can say is - tough. Sorry if that's harsh, but before you buy tax free vehicles, you should read, and understand, the rules.
You can take a car and a bike back.

If you have BFG'd your vehicle prior to posting you will not be penalised for de-registering it within 12 months if it due to posting - this is the nly time you will not be penalised by the BFG entitlement.

To satisfy the UK regulations on tax the vehicle must have done 5000km/3000m and be at least 6 months old. If you satisfy these requirements then you are ok.

I registered a car a week before i was posted, checked the rules with the customs man and kept the car 6 months and coverd the requisite mileage - this is an Inland Revenue requirement and not a BFG requirement.

The aim of the tightening of the BFG system was to deny people the ability to make a lot of money at the expense of the inland revenue and failure by the system to address this would have cost us the facility to purchase tax free cars.
whilst not an expert, i'm with MoB on this one.

My understanding is that a new veh must be kept for a minimum of 6 months before being disposed of.

If its sold before the 6 month period you will be liable for the VAT on the veh/s.

THEN there are the BFG VLO rules, these are a seperate entity from inland revenue rules - but seek to serve the same purpose - ie. if an individual prematurely disposes of their vehicle prior to 12 months from the point of initial BFG, then they will incur a 5 yr ban on buying a new car/bike & fuel?

Is this the case? any tax gurus out there?

the point to note, esp on posting to the UK is that tax-man has primacy and the BFG rules are incedental - they will inconveniance you, but not sting you with a several thousand pound tax bill.
Goon Bde and Man of bronze you are both correct.
However the BFG VLO has a means to force the issue by delaying the validity date on BFG Form 414 (required to register the vehicle at DVLA Local Offices). There are also rules which impose a 3 year ban on any family member getting any BFG VLO facilties - tax free car, fuel coupons etc should the 12/6 month rules be broken on posting or not! The real crippler is that the 3 year ban does not start until the family is posted back to the UK.
However if you circumstances are exceptional, write a letter to the Retd Col at the BFG VLO and he will take every case on it's merits - He is more than accomadating as I have personally helped a couple of soldiers draft letters to him and at no time did he act the cnut. However ignore the rules and he will crucify you with the rules.
The rules have been tighted in recent years due to IR insisting on many gits buying BMW X5s to sell as soon as possible in the UK and pocketing the profit and not decalring it to IR.
What happens if you forgot to send back your BFG number plate and tax disc etc, even if you complied with all the other rules?

Whoops! Advice needed!
orry for the delay in response and sorry if you have the answer - the worst that in realitiy that will happen is yr 2IC/SSM will moan at you. If they are lower in the food chain than you it is a laugh a minute if not just get them sent back at some point with a bollocks excuse covering the delay. If you have eff-d up big time and binned them get on to the BFG VLO office asp and explain yr situation. As I implied in my earlier email they are only buggers if you try to get one over them.
PM me if you need extra advice. Not at work for a while since I have managed to completely **** my own health up,

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