BFG Registration Numbers

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by semtex007, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Effin ell, what a mistake that was. I am no longer trying to track down any registration details from my dozens of cars I have owned. The reaction I received from all those that responded was exactly what I expected, a load of b*llux.

  2. Might I suggest that you try to get out more?
  3. Make them up? If YOU haven't a got a clue what the registrations were then it's not like anyone else looking at your wall would know any different

    (file this under 'odd hobbies')

    Alternatively here's one of mine - AET 16 B
  4. Some of mine:-
    PZ 939 B - Audi 80
    SM 282 B - Datsun 260Z
    TE 823 B - Toyota Celica
    Some more?
    14EA05 - 439
    00FF93 - Spartan
    01FF54 - Spartan
    Aw, fcuk it, I'm off to read my Train Books!

  5. Try the BFG VLO... they are about as helpful as a sociopath even when they HAVE to help, so I am sure they will soon sort your dilema.
  6. No idea. It was, but JHQ has shut I beleve.
  7. This post begs the question, how many cars did you own in 7 years
    in BAOR, must be one hell of a lot if you are going to cover a wall with
    minature ones, your name isn't Willi Betz is it?
  8. Sorry, semtex007, but I think chocolate frog is just trying to be helpfull by being brutally honest & giving you the hint to stop wasting your, their & everybody else`s time. Furthermore, make model & colour in a 10 year time span is not giving them a lot to go on, is it ? If you had a chassis number & date of first registration so they could retrieve the information quickly, you might have hope where there would otherwise be none.

    I think the bfg vlo will politely tell you they have other, more important, better, more pressing things to do & to concern themselves with at this time, like their backlog & figuring out how to wind up & close down bfg licensing in Germany in an orderly manner, short of manpower resources etc. If the vehicle or vehicles concerned have just been used in a bank robbery, kidnapping or bombing, they might consider it in the public interest to invest their precious resources & time in this, but not because it will help you to reminisce & decorate your garage.

    As is their way, they will also probably tell you bluntly, that if you were so concerned about them, you should have had the foresight to kept a record yourself.

    No ? Why not ? Too busy working & it was`nt really an important priority at the time ? Thought so.

    Well, think back, nothing`s changed. Does that answer your query ?

    How helpfull did you find this answer ? If you did`nt find the answer to your question, please return to the frequently asked questions section & try again.
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  9. I assume that you're" up t north" by the grammar.Have you thought about painting the wall.How big is the wall anyway if you are "covering"it in miniature plates,are you sure it's not a shed really?
  10. SHED!!!! who mentioned sheds on this unauthorised frequency, where the hell is the Iron Duke when you need him?

    Ferk orf non Shedies, retribution to follow when i have finished my vegi shed burger and parsnip tea.
  11. Im trying to track down the reg no of the Spartan I used to drive around when I was with 37 Fld sqn RE in Hameln between 87/90 I cant remember the reg but someone out there might know me and the wagon itself I was known as Mick and it was a Green and black one Oh and it had tracks
  12. I have just checked outside,mine is still there,barbed wire entaglements surrounding it so there is no unathorised access.:)

  13. Im trying to track down a few lost weekends I had while out there,any help would be appreciated.