BFG registration help needed!

Hi all,

I wondered if I could get some advice of bfg'ing a car. This is pretty long so bear with me...

My boyfriend bought a brand new car from a dealership near his camp in Germany last december (2010),the car was shipped over from Tunbridge Wells, and then fitted with the plates in Germany, he claims they are BFG plates but im not entirely sure.

In the january we fitted the car with a tax disc holder where I noticed the disc in question expired at the end of january 2011, almost a month after he bought it, I think the disc was temporary export or import disc but I cant be sure of its exact wording. He said he'd look into it when he got back to germany. He says he has tried to bfg the car, sending of a bfg form 80, getting it appropriately signed where needed, yet it keeps being sent back to him as he sent it with no reason why they have sent it back. I have asked him and he hasnt kept the envelopes which would have been dated as proof. Im getting extremely worried, he drives back to england most weekends, and would I be right in thinking that his insurance would be void if anything was to happen? So basically he is driving round in an un-taxed un insured car? The car is nearly five months old now.

I literally am at my wits end, we marry in less than four months and im wondering what happens next in regard to the car situation.

-If he was to get stopped in the UK what would happen?

-As I am moving out to germany with him after we are married in about five months, this will affect my ability to buy a car as I will be classed as his family?

-Whats the deal with paying the tax on the car? I have done some research and discovered that as the car wasnt Bfgd within the time limit he will have to pay the tax, which I am assuming will be thousands.
-What other penalties are there?

-As the car is five months old and bought tax free im assuming we cant just go to the post office and buy a uk tax disc?

-Anyone else ever had there BFG form sent back no explaination?

Id really really appreciate any advice or similar situations anyone could give me, I dont condone his behaviour and I dont think hes realised the implications of letting this go unchecked for so long and we are both are just keen to sort this out as quick as possible.

p.s I am not registered on, or driving the car, just being a very very concerned/annoyed girlfriend!
A lot of info!
Basically from all that I can be 99% sure that car is not bfg'd. If it was they give you a free tax disc that lasts a year.
The first thing to send off is a BFG form 60 and you receive a form 80. Sounds like he may have this? It's a blue bit of paper with permission to import the car into Germany. When he has this he has to fill out another form think its a BFG form 20. He takes that to the BFG office with his driving licence, BFG driving permit (has he even got that?)
They send it all away and he receives a new set of number plates and tax disc (different reg from his original)
Also he gets a fuel card. This his registration document and enabled him to buy tax free fuel vouchers from camp. Does he have them? They are credit card size vouchers that say 10 litres of petrol/diesel etc.

If he hasn't done all this (and he hadn't had he) he shouldn't be driving the car. He could be in the shit if caught in Germany or UK. (I think whilst driving through the rest of Europe they're not actually going to care as long as he can show he's insured)
He can get charged the tax on the car which is 20% of the value so a good few thousand.
Plus you could BOTH get a ban on tax free fuel, cars, shopping for up to 5 years. (could be 3 years, not 100% sure)

Time limits- it used to all have to be done within 30 days, it's now 45 days but as it's 5 months old itll be under the 30 day rule. If he has already sent off for a bfg80 it means they know all about the car and it's only a matter of time. They do charge people thousands in tax if cars aren't BFG'd properly

One other point- the BFG system is a nightmare no doubt about it. I hate having to deal with them. I've had forms sent back etc but they always come with an explanation why they've been sent back

You can find all the rules online. Think it's something like

Good luck confronting him about this, he sounds like a tool!
In addition to the advice you have been given above, can I just add.

Your boyfriend is lying through his teeth to you. You seem a sensible girl, if so you know what you need to do. The alternative is a life with a bloke who will constantly lie to you and eventually start eroding your self confidence as a human being and ultimately he will start slapping you around all the while convincing you that it is all your fault.

Get out now while you still can, I have seen it all before with these BFG non-compliance b*stards
I agree. First it starts with BFG non-registration (which we all know is a straight-forward system run by extremely helpful people), then it progresses to burying bodies under the patio. I've seen it all before.

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