BFG Quarters - Hot or not?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by laptop_kid, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. I know that quarters are tight in BFG, and I am lucky enough to be in an area where I have a house with a garden at the rank of Cpl, and a brilliant prom to repair stuff too, but am I the only one who is dreading getting posted to another garrison within Germany?

    I have a lot of friends around BFG and I have seen a lot of quarters. Is it absurd to anyone else that a lot of SSOs still allocate quarters by rank? I think that is total bull. Where is the 'everyone is equal' attitude there?

    Do the SSO have total power when it comes to giving a family a miniscule flat with mold on the walls, and a kitchen consisting soley of a sink and two cupboards fitted at just the right hight for a pro basketball player?, or are there rules governing when a soldier can say 'theres no way I'm moving in here?'

    My neighbours happen to be in this situation, and would sure appreciate some experienced advice on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  2. ok i know im a civvy and your thinking what would i know!!!
    But ive just got back from staying over with my brother in BFG......... and i must say his flat was really nice ive never seen a flat that big over here in the uk and the block was tidy and clean! They dont have any kids but i did go round to my sister-in-laws sisters flat which was on a different pads estate and that was really nice too and again kept clean!

  3. Unfortunately, standards remain variable. This is principally because of the lack of long term strategic planning and, therefore an inability to budget for future requirements.

    I was most recently in Guetersloh where there were some tremendous new builds - both flats and houses - but the remainder you had to take your chance with. It didn't help that the Crabs and the early Army arrivals sold off a load of the prime quarters AND a school....only to discover that there is now a need to acquire new quarters and build a new junior school.

    Gut is definately worth a look though, the Pads NAAFI site is running out of lease and a new complex and community centre is apparently being lined up. More MQs are also in the offing and PUMA is in full swing.
  4. There are some good quarters out there. Especially if you are a Lt Col or above. As for the rest of us mere mortals, most you can hope for is some dingy 2 up 2 down shoe box in a quarter area inhabited by feral children who find it fun to rip open peoples rubish bags and throw the rubbish all over the grass. I didn't think the Army recruited Gypsies but if you saw our gaff you would reconsider!!
  5. There is nothing stronger than the residents getting together to grip this type of antisocial activity. The chain of command will support and help.
  6. I'm being posted back to germany and have been told that i will have to live in a flat, with my wife and two kids, and my dog. Surely flats are not the ideal for a dog but upon speaking to the SSO's i was told that i would not get a house because i am only a cpl, the house's are for seniors and above. They can stick their posting up their arse :twisted:
  7. Didn't realise your dog was an essential part of your contract?

    'Post me were I can take my dog'.

    Next you will be complaining that your CR reflects your lack of commitment to the career you've chosen.
  8. i have two answers for the above post as i was under the impression you did not get much choice in the size/location of your quarter

    Answer 1) on my 1st posting to BFG I really do want to be handy for Henley and Ascot so perhaps it could be arranged for somewhere around Sonning-On-Thames (but NOT Sonning Common) in Berkshire (i am after all a fully paid up member of the Berkshire Hunt club)

    Ideally it will be large enough to accommodate all 3 of my Labradors (two young racals and an old one called Digger, which has severe hip problems but I don't have the heart to put a jolly bullet in its head), garaging for both my own and Hillary's (or whatever the name is of the nice bit of hot totty Daddy arranges for me to marry) Range Rovers. Also suitable space for my Polo ponies would be a most pleasant, as would a nice spacious garden for tea parties on the lawn and some where with a river frontage so i can go rowing in the morning before breakfast ready to turn up for work at about 11 sharp for work.

    Answer 2) DM are you for real?


  9. More real than you are you tw*t :lol:
  10. I think that quartering in Germany is one area that we beat the American forces hands down.

    Whilst as much as I hate living in stairwells (what the Americans call Flats), it is made soo much sweater in knowing that all officers of Lt Col and below and all enlisted other than Command Sergeant Major (WO1) also live in flats.

    Okay on the flip side of the coin they have great housing back in the States but over here it is more to do with the land available to build on.

    Whilst I am really enjoying my tour with the American Army, I am looking forward to getting back into the proper way of doing things.
  11. Hmmm...all very interesting!

    RangiRam said:

    DM said:

    Gutersloh is a very nice place to live, and everything that RR says is true. However, it is one of those places were they run a very peculiar 'rank system' for housing allocation. If you are a JNCO, you will get a flat - end of story. This is due to the PUMA rebuild (mostly) but I suspect that old school Families' Officers are to blame. The SSO office in Gutersloh is very onside.

    Having repeatedly banged my head against this particular brick wall for many months, I have concluded that the best way to get the home of your dreams is to pray for a decent SSO, and bug the cr*p out of your Families' Officer if you don't get what you feel you are entitled to. Substandard accn is unacceptable - end of story. Lack of suitable housing is another issue entirely :D

    I'll get my coat.
  12. I've lived there , and apart from Sundays, Gutersloh is a very nice part of Germany to live. It's very handy for Autobhans, and Berlin is only a heavy right foot away. Locals are nice, and filthy rich, and the local Publicans are quite Brit friendly. Town is clean and pleasant with a good market , and all in all, not bad at all.

    Oh and if you need a new fast set of wheels, I reccomend Gellerman and Wecker , who provided PTP with a fast gentlemans set of wheels (RHD) at about 10k under UK list
  13. Gutersloh is a nice place to live?? Ever been to Blankers (or as the locals call it, Beirut)?
  14. In the JHQ area the officers quarters are very nice, large, well looked after and located in the nicest parts of JHQ. The uncivil servants also tend to be granted houses of better quality, location and condition than similar or higher ranked military people.

    I am aware of people who have genuine (not oh doctor please write me a note I'm depressed and want a move) doctors notes and get refused, whereas uncivil servants and people who have "friends" (and rank doesn't play a part here) get exactly the moves they want!

    I know of a JHQ gate guard that has 1 child and got a move to a large C type (and hes not alone here as a number of uncivil servants, NAFFI staff etc get preferential treatment) as he sits on the housing allocations committee, whilst the previous ASSO, a rtd officer, had two moves, both of which were stunning quarters.

    Allocations appear to be done on the basis of how much power the individual reps have, ARRC personnel don't seem to have many problems, whilst those people not attached to JHQ, ARRC or RSU don't get anywhere.
  15. I've been told there are no quarters available in BFG, I'm due to move over on the 3rd september. And for the time being I have to do it unaccompanied, does anyone know of any benefits that are available to me?