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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by slopster, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Will be posted germany in month or so. I have a car and bike. Need to get an idea of what sort of admin process I need to do to get on the bfg system. I'm guessing I just drive the car over and register when I arrive at unit. I'll have to sort some headlights out for it. Its got a month old mot so will it need an inspection in germany? And do I need to do any paperwork with UK authorities before I go.

    The bike on the other hand is SORN'ed and MOT has expired. Its perfectly roadworthy but can't be bothered getting an MOT if its not worth the paper its written on. I might be towing the bike if I can find one of those bike towing attachments cheaply
  2. make sure you have the certificates of conformity for them
    winter tyres for the car
    rear fog on the right or a twin fit
    first aid kit, triangle, reflective vests
    v5's or export certificates
  3. The BFG process is horrific.
  4. What he said!!! BUT do not get LHD lights in the UK, cos they will cost you a fuckin arm and leg, wait till you get here. If the car has just passed it's MOT then there should be no problems. The paperwork is a proper pain in the **** though!!
  5. what about the bike then. Does it need tax and mot prior? I don't mind being naughty between here and the ferry/chunnel. yeah will just get some headlights off ebay germany
  6. The BFG system is a ball ache, for both car and bike they will have to be inspected by the BFGTest centre which is pretty much the MOT, you will have to fill in the MOD form 80 to receive a MOD form 40 and then register it with your local BFG office, who will then issue you new plates for both to conform with BFG. This will deregister your car from the UK net in DVLA. you will have to ensure you have continental headlights and the fog light is on the right before you have the vehicle tested.

    The test is free so you don,t have to worry there but they are known to be quite ****.

    Oh and don,t try and argue at both offices as you will get fucked right off.....
  7. It doesnt matter if the vehicle(s) have MOT, because they need to get BFG inspected when they come over (over 3 yrs old)
    You will have to fill in a Form 60, to get a Form 80 from C&I, (your exportation of the vehicle), be aware of BFG insurance, double what it is in the UK.
    How you get the vehicles over to Ger is up to you, (don't get caught)
    You have 45 days now? iirc, changed from 30days, to get your vehicle(s) Form 60'd, Form 80'd, Insured, BFG Tested (with Lights Test).

    So once you get over, don't hang around with getting lights, paperwork sorted. After that, it's cool.
  8. Fog light needs to be on the left (I guess you mean)!
  9. I think it varies, my insurance is considerably cheaper than it would be in the UK and includes breakdown and legal cover.
  10. Erm yeh u r right been back in uk five months getting confused in my old age, nicely adjusted.....
  11. Can you still just disconnect the fog light?

    Had to do that when I took my LHD back to the UK and had to get it MOT'd and it only has the fog light on the left, no way of moving it so I just disconnected it and that was it.
  12. BFGing car was always a pain and more a case of jobs for the boys in JHQ. Stll they won't be needed soon.
  13. Its a pain in the tits, even the German Traffic Police say its a load of bollocks
  14. Nope. You have to either buy continental rear lights or get a ancillary fog light attached under your bumper. A big pain in the ass.
  15. Its a bit of a banger so probably just do the ancillery one. Or do you have to have reversing light? Cos I could just replace the left with a conti one and have foglight on both sides.