BFG Procedure

Can anyone help me out with a few questions on BFG procedure?

My car is currently BFG registered. Its not a tax free car and was first registered in UK.

When i take it back to part ex it for a new car, i know i have to re-register it at the DVLA office, but do i need to get it MOT'd and TAX it? Also, do i need to get UK insurance for the trip back, or will my AXA insurance cover me?

Any help greatly appreciated.

The last time I did this was a couple of years ago and the rules may have changed slightly, but here goes:

If you want to sell your car in the UK, you must register it with DVLA.

In order to register it with DVLA (ie. tax it) you will need an MOT certificate (if it is more than 3 years old) and proof of insurance. Don't forget to tell them it has been previously registered in the UK. There may be some mileage (excuse the pun) in using part ex if you are buying a new car. It will certainly cost you less.

You also need to de-register it with the BFG authorities.

Basically, you are importing a car into the UK and therefore need to go throught the import procedure. I know that we are in the EC and you could drive it in the UK on EC plates, but BFG comes under a different agreement.
The BFG Licensing Office change their rules all the time, and are probably the least flexible and most unhelpful empire you will deal with in BFG.

Your unit BFG clerk or BFG Officer will have the latest info, and should assist you with the procedure. The Customs docs are particularly important - check them to make sure all the details are correct.

You will need to MOT and tax the car, and you must be insured.
You will need to register the car at a Vehicle Licensing Office (as opposed to a Post Office) - list here: . To complicate things slightly there are some new rules. See

I brought a car back earlier this year and found the DVLA people very helpful and efficient.
Thanks for the replies, i never expected it to be easy!! I think the real problem is the new rule for proving your address. I will have to register it to my parents home, as i'm still in germany, and i have nothing to prove that address with, with my name on it.
Probably a bit late now, but for any future readers:

1. Your car must have in date MOT.

2. You have to re-register at the first or nearest DVLC establishment.

3. Nearest post office for Road Tax.

4. Your overseas insurance company will issue a cover note for your car and for the new one being picked up. for a cost of about €30 - €60.

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