BFG/New rules on Tax Free Cars?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Fones_4_Me, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,
    What the fcuk is going on with customs and their apparent hatred for British Forces Personnel?
    Is it just me or do these clowns want to stop the forces from having any perks at all?

    One of the guys come and asked me for some advice with regard to his Tax Free Car (he is on one of these buy back in a year things). Basically he has just been "Trawled" and will be away from Feb 08 - Aug 08. He is due to swap his car Mar 08 around the same time his wife is due to drop.
    Now what he wanted to do was exchange his car at around the 10 Month point before he left on tour, which would save his wife the journey and stress that’s involved in the whole BFG VLO system.

    So I called the helpline for him. Yes the nice man on the phone was helpful, however he informed me the rules have changed recently and if this young soldier wanted exchange his car before the 12 month point that he would now be subject to a 5 year ban, a tax bill, and a year’s ban for him and anyone else (eligible) in his family on fuel tokens for a year....

    Now I am not sure the bloke on the line was taking the pi$$ but I was shocked to say the least. This young man is not selling his car for a massive profit; he is doing it purely to save his wife the stress, whilst trying not to lose a couple of grand on his car, all for the sake of a month or so.
    Am I the only one that is shocked by the new rules? Or to think they are un-fair?
    Not too sure this is the correct place for this, (MOD Sorry).
  2. Best that your mate reads the rules for himself then I suggest. I doubt Customs and Revenue hate the Forces.
  3. Unfortunately a number of people abused the system in the past for financial gain, which I suspect has led to the rather harsh regime of today. There may be a case for the chain of command to help out here - or does that not happen these days?
  4. OK maybe Hate was bit harsh. Hinder, shall we say? You say "best your mate reads the rules for himself then" like you know different.

    1) I didn't say he was my mate, so read the text.

    2) Im am quite sure that you do not know differently. You just think you do!

    3) if you have nothing constructive to say just say nothing at all!
  5. It seldom happens, or if it does, its a hard slog, if that makes sense.

    I know from past exepriences that BFG VLO are able to help, however this was in exceptional circumstances and it was still a bit of a slog and paper work heavy.
  6. He will have to wait 12 months or face a ban, non-negotiable.

    However, somebody else can exchange the car for him. Normally this is limited to the spouse, but in exceptional circumstances a 1/3rd party can do it on his behalf.

    The POC is the RO2 at JHQ who will make the decision.

    All he has to do now is convince the RO2 and find a mate who is willing to do it on his behalf.

    Either that or negotiate with the dealer to exchange on his return, this may be a better option given the circumstances.

    Having done the BFG circuit for a number of yrs i've always found customs and the VLO at JHQ to be very helpful
  7. All correct and valid points of which I was aware. I was just a little shocked to find that the rules have changed to incorporate a tax bill and a years ban on fuel coupons for him and his family for a year. Was the five year ban not enough to curb the advantages that few were cashing in on?
  8. My mate smashed his car up and was told it was a total write off so he disposed of it only for it to re-surface back in the UK fully repaired and registered with the DVLA.

    He was rewarded with the full works: 5 year ban, no fuel coupons and a nice tax bill on top of his now fucked mini cooper.

    What a treat. I realise the system is designed to stop profiteering but surely some discretion could be applied. :x
  9. tax bill has always been there...just as if you buy an expensive gift outsdie of the EU/UK, you are supposed to decalre it at customs and pay the VAT at the airport!
  10. that little 12 month rule has always been there mate, since I was there 5 years ago... i had to drive all the way to the uk on the 364th day of ownership and the got rid of it on the 365th. Was leaving for the desert 3 days later... still shagged the gal that bought it tho, hours before heading to Brize... nothing lile a bit of pre-tour morale!
  11. You may think the rules are quite harsh, but they are in SOBA(G)'s and haven't changed for the past 2 years, so they are not really all that new.

    I couldn't move around my last unit for seeing the huge pink posters with the extracts regarding tax free goods, so it's not as if they are trying to hide the fact that they exist, plus I am sure you are informed of this when you first BFG your car.

    It's not as good as the old system, granted, but it's better than no system at all, and as far as I am concerned it is not that complicated :roll:
  12. In fact, if he is that worrried about losing loads of money on it, come back on R&R when his wife is due and change it then. What is more important to him, money or new baby ??
  13. Simple, if you buy a tax free car in BFG and change it after 1 year, you are going to make a profit. Why not just choose a car you like and kep it for a couple of years, thereby avoiding all the tax hassles. The rules are complex, the penalties draconian and lets face it, there are next to **** all perks in being a squaddie abroad these days anyhow.
  14. because it compensates for the drudgery of living in BFG if you make a few bob and have a nice car then why not....

    ...BFG is truly sh!te no matter how you dress it up, i have spent roughly 50:50 in BFG and uk and give me UK any day, eg, i've just run out of strong continental lager, but no worries, a quick call to the local mini cab company and a couple of crates complete with pizza will be here before you can say meuwesteur....

    ...and i don't car how cheap petrol, perfume, fags, booze etc is in BFG, it's still Gash, a months LOA in BFG = about half a weeks wages of Mrs G_B in the UK....

  15. I was fully aware of the 5 year ban but can you show me where in SOBAG's it states that you also get a years fuel coupon ban for all the family to enjoy, and a tax bill, cos I cant find that bit?

    Goon, I agree with you! :(