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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Daytona675, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. I've recently bought a new motorcycle (a 2009 Daytona 675 to be precise) and need to insure it for BFG purposes.

    I've been through O'Girke's, Axa, Allianz and a couple of others but have found that whilst they are reasonable for 3rd Party F&T, their Fully Comp prices are through the roof - we're talking thousands of pounds a year here, and on a new bike, for me, anything less than FC just isn't an option.

    I've got a couple of years no claims to draw on from previous insurance, and am currently insured with Norwich Union (who I believe can do a BFG Green Card??).

    For those brother bikers in Germany who have been through this process before, please can you pass on your wisdom and direction as to who you're insured with and cost details so my new baby doesn't just become a very beautiful garage filler.
  2. FC is expensive through German firms - try the UK ones with a green card first.

    Edited to add: You should have bought a fully grown Daytona, not a baby one!!
  3. I use a company called LVM, started my insurance last week, 21 euros a month, with 6 years no claims. I have only got the number for the MG office in the JHQ area but they are all over, PM me if you need any further details. The insurance cost rises if you the bike has more than 100 ps and your daytona has anything between 128 - 136 if you believe google!! However it will be cheaper than o' girkes etc. Oh and mine has 98ps...... i think :D

  4. If you've got any details for LVM, I'd be really keen to get them from you. Many thanks.
  5. Try TFI mate, always good to me on car insurance.

    And you don't need a green card, it's pan euro cover.
  6. Carol Nash is usually flexible, it might be worth a call.

    0800 093 5566

    Edited to add contact number & website address
  7. Many thanks for all advice.

    I called the above - TFI don't do BFG motorcycle insurance, ditto Carol Nash. However, the helpful man in the Lion carpark at Fallingbostel got me AXA insurance for €42 pcm. It's 3rd Party F&T which is not ideal, but when he quoted me €10,000 (no joke) for fully comp, you can see why I did it.

  8. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You should try Forces Financial Website. They did mine alright, and I think it was via Norwich Union with the green card. BUT a nutter, you really must like walking a LOT
  9. Fella, don't even entertain the Fully Comp route in Germany.
    I know in Blighty we wouldn't dream of doing TPFT on a new bike, over here no-one goes FC as you've found its ever so slightly on the pricey side!
  10. If you go down the LVM (or any other German insurer that isn't 100% savvy with the BFG system) route, make sure you explain thta your bike will have a BFG Test and not a TUV Test.

    I was in a similar position. Once I highlighted that a BFG Test and a TUV Test are different, the insurance policy was 'cancelled by mutual agreement' with no financial loss to me.

  11. Dude, I phoned Culpec at JHQ last monday and spoke to the manageing Director called Astrid, after a stupid quote for a ZX9R of 368Euro per month FC and 38Euro TPF+T she informed me of a new insurance company which until now have only insured American soldiers based in Germany but have just opened it to Brit Troops as well.

    The American insurance company just quote a one time issue monthly price which will not change (mine is 94 Euro FC) but it does not matter how many claims that they do not affect any previous no claims and will give you a letter of insurance when you move companys for the no claims side of things, whatever.

    here is a link to the website:


    Oh, it is also accepted by BFG (Double white card etc...)

    Hope this helps but insurance for the same bike in uk with 2 years no claims FC is £223.00 for me. I hate box heads!
  12. Just a quick update as I realise the last post was in June but for anyone else searching the forums for BFG related motorcycle insurance it's worth noting FF no longer do BFG cover with NU.