BFG Light Test

Hey guys,

looking for a bfg guru lol need to know what lights i need to buy to pass my bfg light test for my fiat punto grande 06 wanna get them now so my 30 temp dont run out while i wait for lights,

many thanks :)
You need contential head lights (i.e left hand drive) , try ebay, NAAFI advert board, or Sixth Sense newspaper.

Also if your car has only one rear fog light then a 2nd one will be required for the contental off side


edited for being a mong!!!
Whilst you're searching for headlights, see if the seller will throw in some English punctuation for free.
Try: • bfgbay free forces classified advertising for bfg (British Forces Germany)

and here: Welcome to Facebook

There's also a number of German sites selling new lights at reasonable prices. PM me if you need more help.

As for the second foglight-you just need one fitted but it must be mounted on the left side of the car.

Oh and I believe the BFG rules have just changed-you now have 45 days to complete the process. Under the outgoing rules you actually had 60 days to complete the bfg test / lights but they kept the extra 30 days a secret!

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