BFG Licensing Office- What a shambles!!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Last week I changed my car insurance because I found a better deal.

    Took my docs to BFG office today only to be told that my car will be put off the road for 5-7 working days until the car is put on the VLO system.

    Says I "Hang on; the car is roadworthy and the car is insured. Also that insurance is calculated daily so theres a financial aspect to this in that I am being made to pay for a service I am not receiving because of YOUR system."

    Says the C4 clerk on the coal-face "Theres nothing I can do, heres a proof of posting to say you cant drive you car."

    As usual there was no-one senior present and a 30 strong queue had formed behind me but I will be going back in to question this.

    People should be aware,especially those with kids, that they will lose the use of their car for a period simply because theyve got a better insurance deal.

    What was Mungo's buzz phrase again? Oh yes, "Safeguard and Simplify."

    I think not.