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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hullboy, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi, Just after advice really please guys. If I was in the UK, my car had a valid MOT, insurance and road tax, Iwould be legal to drive. However, I am in Germany, my car has been BFG inspected and passed (renewal, not initial, i have proof of test and emmisions etc), my insurance has also been renewed, and I have valid tax. The only thing is that my fuel card/registration date has expired 30/04/08. The BFG office was and still is closed, am i still legal to drive my car? After all it is only equivalent to my log book in the UK so therefore I would be legal.
  2. Best cover your arrse mate and pop into your local RMP shop. I wouldn't trust the information you get on this forum.
  3. Contrary to buiscuits, your BFG registration card, BFG 74, is not only the equivelent of your UK V5, if it has expired so has your 'free' BFG vehicle excise licence (Tax Disc). If you drive this vehicle you are committing an offence contrary to SO (BAGS). Standing Orders, British Army Germany. If you get caught driving the motor, your insurance may also be invalid especially if you are in an accident, (As they are in the business of making money), you could be stuck on. In my last Germany posting (2004), it usually averaged a £400 fine.
  4. cheers, looks like the bike for me then!
  5. It will be cheaper in the long run fella.
  6. Remember the crime is getting caught.

    Just don't do it in JHQ.....
  7. Why, just curious?
  8. Because they are too lazy to leave camp :wink:
  9. Hello mate how's things. Oh and excuse me, I was that monkey, and I was like a proverbial shark in my shiny new Senator (circa 93-95). If it moved pull it. Nowheredays they are that bogged down in paperwork and deployments, they would be lucky to get in a car, let alone start the engine. They are alsothat thin on the ground and lack backup, they rarely say boo to a goose.
  10. Not bad mate. Seriously, they are probably too busy dealing with all the fcukwit chav mongs that is Elmpt Station,(RAF Bruggen). :wink:

    Senator? Is that not an American t**t? :D
  11. They, 101 have just returned from the Stan, so are probably enjoying downing tools. Chav's in Elmpt Station. Never.
  14. Hope you nicked them all, t**ts :D