BFG Fencing Clubs

Anyone know of any? Having done a few arrse and google searches for it I can only come up with a few down near stuttgart. Not something I've tried but fancied giving it a go.
I fenced regularly in the 80's,and I seem to remember a civvy club in Herford,and one just outside Osnatraz,your best bet is to get your PTI to do a bit of phoning for you,there's a Army Fencing Association,unless it's been 'stabbed'by the cuts. 8)

It's a great sport for old and young,it's a bit like 3 dimensional chess,and great for fitness,you don't get fat good fencers.

I'm in my 60's and can regularly beat youngsters a third my age,one of the sports where age and guile really can beat fitness and youth. ;-)
Cheers, yes, I tried having a word with the duty PTI at the gym this evening; he had no idea what fencing was! I'll give DII a good searching tomorrow but cheers for the heads up on the army association.
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