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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by I_shat_in_Erics_boots, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. My car is BFG'd, but I'd like to put my mother-in-law on the insurance as she doesn't need to own a car for the weekly shop. What I'd like to know is; who can legally drive my car and what do they need to do to do so?

    Before we start, she's German, so the Matrix test should be ruled out and I don't want to go down the route of whether she would be entitled to fuel coupons or so, as that is not the question.

    Thank you
  2. Seriously, why would you want a woman to attempt to drive you're car? They can't drive.
  3. I agree with you, they are at driving.
  4. Speak to your BFG office. There is a mechanism in place for non-BFG pax to drive BFG cars, but it is aimed at visitors from UK, ie only for a few weeks.

    You (I assuem) want this to be a bit more than that. Doesn't matter if she is German or not, if the BFG rules state 'do the Matrix test' guess what Frau Boxhead will be doing. And as it is YOUR car, then you should still be entitled to coupons, which I would assume she can use but not buy.
  5. Cheers for the reply. On the Matrix test, Germans don't need to complete one. I'll see how it goes.
  6. Not only can you not put her on the insurance, but she can never drive it except in an emergency. BFG SOs are very very clear about that. She has to have a BFG licence, to which she is clearly not entitled, or (as mentioned earlier) be a short-term visitor from the UK.
  7. As a civvy may I just say BFG Big Friendly Giant, WTF are you smoking?

    (Yes I do know what BFG stands for, despite what SWMBO says, I'm not a complete fuckwit)
  8. you might wanna check if it's cheaper to insure and tax your car on the german system, when we lived in germany ( moi is a kraut) it was cheaper for us to do it that way........with the german insurance being much much cheaper then the british one we didn't fel the need for coupons and being taxfree, made us about even.....but you M-I-L will be able to drive your car
  9. Why don't you just keep your fuckimg nose out then, knob chops!
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  10. I would go with what padme said and look at the German system, binning the BFG. This would make it easier for you, as it is the car that is insured and not the driver. In other words, she would be able to drive it without any hassle...although, I would hesitate at saying that it would be cheaper!
  11. Who is "Moi" and does he mind you calling him a kraut?
  12. Putting the car on the German net has repurcussions if the OP wishes to drive it.
  13. If you are a member of BFG, have not been banned from BFG facilities and the vehicle is not for a private business, then you have to register it on the BFG system within 56 days of arriving in theatre. It is not as simple as just registering it on the German net. I assume you do not have an Ausweis or German driving licence, which you would need, so maybe you need to sell or transfer the title for the vehicle to someone else; your wife or MIL maybe.

    I suppose you could just ask at the BFG office or ring the hotline for advice.

    Edited to note that 56 days has been reduced to 30.
  14. Why would he do that when he has the wealth of knowledge and experience of the net to aid him?