BFG Drama


Before you get into the meat of this post I am aware that I am a grade one nugget for not reading BFG standing orders, relying on hearsay and procastinating. :oops:

That aside, here is my question guys.

I have a car that I drove back to the UK over the christmas period. Sadly the car decided to throw several important pieces across the motorway and I had to get it recovered to my parents house. :x After getting a few quotes for the work it turned out to be costly so I decided to store the car in parents garage until funds would be available to carry out the repairs.

On my return to Germany I discovered, joy of joys, that I would be posted back to the UK. Worrying I had about 3 weeks to sort my life out before the move and the car took a back seat a little. I would have been more concerned but after a discussion that night in the mess is seemed that I would be able to de-register the car from the UK...deepjoy. 8)

What I failed to realise was that the cat requires a current BFG Roadworthy ticket to be able to de-reg. On my return to the UK I sorted the quarter out, got booked in, saved money and carried out the work on the car. :wink:

It now seems that I will be in the brown stuff as I will be unable to de-reg car in the normal way. Havent contacted the BFG office as yet. Before I do does anyone out there have any advice (apart from the afore mentioned) that might help take some of the sting out of the slap I am about to recieve. :cry:

Thanks for your time and please try to keep any rants on my stupidity to a minimum of say...200 words or less. :oops:
Its quite a complicated affair that one, unlikely to get solved on here, your best bet is to ring another units BFG office anonymously and explain the situation without giving away your unit or name. Hopefully they can tell you what to do and you can either choose to do it or **** it off without any reprisals.

Do you have any experience with the topic i started yesterday? (about the parking offence on a BFG plate)